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ANTHOS CLASSE R7 CONTINENTAL INTERNATIONAL CART MODULAR Sede legale ed amministrativa Headquarters Cefla s.c. Via Selice Provinciale, 23/a 40026 Imola - Bo (Italy) tel. +39 0542 653111 fax +39 0542 653344 Stabilimento Plant Via Bicocca, 14/c 40026 Imola - Bo (Italy) tel. +39 0542 653441 fax +39 0542 653601

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enhance versatility. Repositionable and suitable for all surgery layouts, Classe R7 takes the versatility concept to a whole new level. A repositionable unit lets users switch from a right-hand to a left-hand configuration in just a few simple steps. enhance technology. Integrated Anthos technology gives dentists access to advanced clinical functions and lets them perform endodontic and implantology work with the instruments on the dental unit. Classe R7 is a comprehensive tool, essential for providing advanced dentistry services. enhance modularity. Outstanding versatility takes the form...

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Fast, simple, effective re-positioning QUICKSWITCH With its innovative switchover movement, the Classe R7 can be converted from right to left-handed use and vice versa in just a few steps. The mechanism that allows unit repositioning has been designed to simplify the conversion, which can be completed in mere seconds without any need for tools or technicians. The dentist’s module, unit body and assistant’s module can be set up in rapid sequence for use by left-handed dentists. Easily applied on either side of the dentist’s module, the control panel offers maximum ergonomics. All that needs...

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Ergonomic design, comfort and style ISO-JOINT In addition to streamlined style, patient chair design optimises working ergonomics for the dentist and comfort for the patient. Thanks to ISO-JOINT geometry, compensated backrest-seat movement maximises comfort and minimises sliding of the patient’s head. Type-approved to lift up to 160 kg, the patent chair offers extensive vertical excursion. Armrests. Both armrests provide comfort and can be rotated. Backrests. A choice of several backrest types (narrow/wide shaping) meets all the dentist’s ergonomic needs. As always, the backrest guarantees...

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Tapered patient chair shaping lets the surgery staff operate fluidly and hindrance-free. What’s more, essential shaping makes surface sanitisation easier and more effective. Standard upholstery (which can be matched with seats) is hard-wearing, seamless and available in 14 different colours to allow eye-pleasing personalisation of the dental surgery. □O Standard upholstery 102 198 Atlantic blue

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Operating efficiency and plenty of space RATIONALISE Classe R7 provides outstanding freedom of movement. Rationalising the workspace according to the required treatment demands thoughtful layout of all the elements in the operating area, ensuring dentist and assistant are positioned optimally around the patient. The freedom provided by Classe R7 results in smooth workflows and maximum working efficiency. Patient chair rotation. The Classe R7 can be adapted to match both surgery layout and treatment type. Rotation is achieved thanks to the pivot, a mechanical device that features...

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Perfect control The control panel lets users manage all dental unit functions and personalise parameters with ease using integrated devices. Classe R7 features the Full Touch Clinic control panel as standard. On the optional Full Touch Multimedia version, advanced functions also let users display images and videos. The Clinic instrument panel controls patient chair movement, displays data for conservative, endodontic and implantology work; it is also used to manage hygiene devices and other accessory services. The protective glass is impact and water-resistant and can be disinfected easily...

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ENDO MODE Full endodontic functions Since Classe R7 can incorporate a complete endodontic therapy applications system, dentists no longer need to obtain stand-alone instruments to perform root canal treatment. This system includes a micromotor, an integrated database of suitable contra angles and endodontic files, Autostop-Autoreverse-Autoforward functions and an electronic apex locator. All of these can be precision-controlled via the Full Touch panel. Contra angle. With a 4:1 reduction ratio, the EVO E4 can be autoclaved and heat-disinfected. A miniaturised head aids access to...

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IMPLANT MODE Smooth integration of brushless micromotor, peristaltic pump and dedicated surgical handpiece gives rise to an integrated implantology system controlled via the Full Touch panel. Speed, torque and pump delivery rate parameters can be selected and saved at any time. A simple, user-friendly interface lets users manage every stage of work quickly and precisely. This set-up thus eliminates the bulk associated with on-cart stand-alone systems. i-MMs micromotor. Easily autoclaved or heat-disinfected, the micromotor can reach a torque of up to 70 Ncm and, together with the EVO R20L...

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Choice of advanced instruments LATEST GENERATION A latest-generation microprocessor and a user-friendly control panel ensure dentists can control a full range of instruments, simply and precisely. Work modes can be set for each instrument and real-time, user-friendly usage info is shown on the 7” display. Turbine, micromotor, scaler, curing light and intraoral camera settings can be adjusted for specific dentistry specialisations. An intraoral camera or curing light can be added as the sixth instrument. HIGHER POTENTIAL In addition to their advanced clinical performance, the full potential...

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Freedom of movement FLUIDITY Continental version design makes the most of the manoeuvrability of individual dental unit modules. By enhancing interaction within the dental team, workflows are smoothed and streamlined. The streamlined module is light and compact while the instrument levers, which reduce vertical bulk, minimise interference with the operating light and allow considerable extension. Each lever has individually adjustable traction force and balance. Outstanding ergonomics. Whatever the treatment zone, positioning is easy and ergonomic thanks to the broad excursion of the new,...

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