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Athos™ Dosys - Automatic Dispensing Cabinet

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Athos™ Dosys Family Automated medication dispensing systems •WWWWWW •WWW WWW •WWW WWW Athos” Pharma Athos™ Dosys Athos” Ucri Athos” Mobit Athos” Storage Athos” Temp +25 years developing advanced technology solutions for the Healthcare Community An Algoritmos, Procesos y Disenos S.A.

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ifbxmos f J e-HEXLTH SOLUTIONS Automated dispensing cabinets Thanks to the automated dispensing systems developed by APD, minimizing the medication errors, reducing the workload of the pharmacy staff and improving access to the medications in the nursing units has becomed a reality. Technology to improve the logistic processes related to the medication The automated dispensing systems Athos Dosys developed by APD are integrated by electronically controlled cabinets and a central management software. Flexible configuration: Variety of drawers in several degrees of security User friendly...

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Main Cabinet The Main Cabinet is the automated dispensing cabinet for storing and controlling medications and pharmacy supplies. It's highly flexible configurations allow up to 14 subframes with a wide variety of degrees of security and bin sizes. It can control up to 8 auxiliary supply cabinets combined with refrigerators. Subframe composed of 6 drawers, with 10 bins each, and a sequential opening system to dispense single-doses (dose control). Only one substance and one dose is stored on each bin. This subframe accepts single-width and double-width bins. Subframe composed of 6 drawers,...

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Main Cabinet: Operational Details Three bin sizes available to accommodate the required quantity of medicaments to meet the medical unit needs. Guiding lights illuminate the drawer location and individual bins of the required medication, in order to avoid any possible error. The Athos Dosys Main Cabinet is equipped with a computer, a touch screen, a mouse and a keyboard to ease its operation and data management. The Cabinet includes an interfaces hub to control up to 8 auxiliary supply cabinet combined with refrigerators. This option provides a great level of flexibility to the Hospital...

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Auxiliar Cabinet The Auxiliary Cabinet is a medium security dispenser in which those medications whose size do not fit on the Main Cabinet can be placed. The rack format dimensions are as follows: The doors are equipped with an electronic opening system incorporating a glass to display the medicines from the outside. The shelves are totally adjustable in height in order Êto optimize the space and to reduce errors when dispensing the medication. It´s also possible to light the interior with white LEDs that are automatically activated when the door is open. This cabinet allows connectivity to...

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Main Cabinet SpecificationsMechanical Exerior Dimensions Electrical Power Supply Connectivity Integration

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e-HE\LTH 50LUTIDN5 +25 years developing advanced technology solutions for the Healthcare Community LOGISTICS CENTER C/Arroyo deL Soto Nro. 3, PoLigono La Laguna (Las DehesiLLas) 28914 Leganes. Madrid TLf: +34 914 22 98 00 - Fax: +34 914 22 98 13 REGIONAL OFFICES BARCELONA TeL: +34 932 09 700

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