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Athos Dosys Dispensing Systems

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Athos Dosys Family TM Automated medication dispensing systems Athos Mobit Athos Storage Athos Temp TM +25 years developing advanced technology solutions for the Healthcare Community Algoritmos, Procesos y Diseños S.A.

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Athos™ Dosys Automated dispensing cabinets Thanks to the automated dispensing systems developed by APD, minimizing the medication errors, reducing the workload of the pharmacy staff and improving access to the medications in the nursing units becomes a reality. Technology to improve the logistic processes related to the medication The automated dispensing systems Athos Dosys developed by APD are integrated by electronically controlled cabinets and a central management software. Key features    •/ Flexible configuration: Variety of drawers in several degrees of security Easy to use: The...

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Athos™ Dosys RFID Automated dispensing cabinets Athos™ Dosys RFID represents the most effective solution for controlling the access, managing the stock and accurately tracking high-cost medical devices. The medical devices must be identified with a RFID label to be detected by the cabinet. Each item is identified with a unique code. The RFID technology embedded in the Athos™ Dosys cabinets collects in real time the information saved in the labels present on each item stored in the cabinet. The hospitals and clinics, through this system, keep control of the inventories, and automatically...

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+25 years developing advanced technology solutions for the Healthcare Community Accredited by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum COMMERCIAL OFFICE LOGISTICS CENTER C/ Arroyo del Soto Nro. 3, Polígono La Laguna (Las Dehesillas) 28914 Leganés. Madrid Tlf: +34 914 22 98 00 - Fax: +34 914 22 98 13 REGIONAL OFFICES BARCELONA Tel: +34 932 09 700 INTERNATIONAL OFFICES SEVILLA Tel: +34 954 93 16 02 REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES MIDDLE EAST REGION Tel: +96 279 553 43 93

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