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Athos Storage - Horizontal Carousel TM For the complete automation of the medication management process Algoritmos, Procesos y Diseños S.A.

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UNIVERSAL ORDER PREPARATION HOW DOES A CONVENTIONAL SYSTEM WORK? • Time wasted walking long distances a over the warehouse • Excessive search time • Errors • Post-preparation check-up • Manual preparation of each order • Intensive use of specialized staff WHAT CAN PROVIDE AN AUTOMATED CARROUSEL TO THE HOSPITAL PHARMACY? Centralization of the picking point Elimination of errors High productivity rates Elimination of paper support Preparation of severalorders at the same time Simultaneous Picking & Packing Real time inventory update Reduction of administrative tasks Non-specialized...

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SEQUENCE OF USE 1. Orders launch The carousel rotates and presents the pharmacist with the correct product. The pharmacist carries out the picking, based on the display signaling. 3. Packing The pharmacists deposits the collected units following the instructions of the classif ication bar.

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MAXIMUM USE OF THE SPACE • Great savings of the occupied surface by eliminating useless corridors • Maximum use of available space GREAT PRODUCTIVITY IN ORDER PREPARATION • Based on the "product to operator" principle • Fixed Picking Post with operator assistance • Preparation of several orders at the same time • Between 350 and 600 lines per operator/hour ELIMINATION OF ERRORS • The work of the pharmacits is well directed and based on simple tasks • Redundant controls - scanner FULLY COMPUTERIZED MANAGEMENT • Perfect control and optimization of the system • Integration with Stock...

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COMMERCIAL OFFICE LOGISTICS CENTER C/ Arroyo del Soto Nro. 3, Polígono La Laguna (Las Dehesillas) 28914 Leganés. Madrid. SPAIN Tlf: +34 914 22 98 00 - Fax: +34 914 22 98 13 /

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