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Athos Temp Temperature Control

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Ftda |Hora jHefertncia Elewento Athos" Store +25 years developing advanced technology solutions for the Healthcare Community AP3 Algoritmos, Procesos y Disenos S.A.

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ArO| Athos™ Temp (g) Temperature Data Acquisition System How can you ensure thermoLabiLe medicaments are stored and protected properLy? APD's temperature data acquisition system Athos™ Temp allows giving a positive answer to this question. To check the temperature at which the medicaments are stored and preserved within the Pharmacy is an important daily task. Any alteration in the cold chain of the medication poses a health risk to patients. How can it be done this work in an automatic and safe way? Athos™ Temp system also allows the supervision control and management of alarms, historical...

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Athos™ Temp Temperature Data Acquisition System Ease of use that saves money, effort and energy. Continuous monitoring of all the fridges, freezers and rooms in the Pharmacy avoiding the loss of medicaments. ■ Alarm management system that allows a quick intervention in case of temperatures out of predefined range before it is too late. ■ Automatic generation of documents thanks to the recording and storage of the measured temperatures. Potential problems can be checked and reports for audits can be generated immediately. ■ Access to centralized data of temperature from the console in the...

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+25 years developing advanced technology solutions for the Healthcare Community Accredited by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum COMMERCIAL OFFICE LOGISTICS CENTER C/ Arroyo del Soto Nro. 3, Polígono La Laguna (Las Dehesillas) 28914 Leganés. Madrid Tlf: +34 914 22 98 00 - Fax: +34 914 22 98 13 REGIONAL OFFICES BARCELONA Tel: +34 932 09 700 INTERNATIONAL OFFICES SEVILLA Tel: +34 954 93 16 02 REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES MIDDLE EAST REGION Tel: +96 279 553 43 93

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