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Serene True Low Air Loss Pressure Redistribution System Care for a Healthy Life

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Apex Medical Corp. True Low Air Loss Pressure Redistribution System Serene is an effective true low air loss pressure relief mattress system designed for burn and high risk patients. With a maximum airflow of 1300L/min allows Serene to help to control the microclimate of the skin and provide a quality patient support. Serene System is recommended for Stage II to Stage IV pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

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Serene - 3

Antimicrobial Protection via APEX Silver+ Stretch Cover Infection in pressure ulcer can delay healing and may lead to other complications of pressure ulcers include pain, depression, and fetal death. Apex has carefully listened to the challenges posed by medical care environments, and proposes the new Silver+ Stretch cover. The cover is vapour permeable and water resistant and is working effectively against MRSA with its permanently silver-ion treated fabric. It kills 99.5% of the germ even after 40 cycles of high temperature washing (95°C). The cover has passed cytotoxicity, irritation and...

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Serene - 4

Apex Medical Corp. True Low Air Loss and Alternating Replacement System SERENE is a True low air loss mattress replacement system provides immersion and envelopment therapies for a better and more proper treatment of skin maceration, pressure, sheer, and friction. The unit features a zoned pressure for heel immersion to redistribute pressure around the bones.The high performance blower provides >120 lpm of air loss from mattress for microclimate management. The special cell-on-cell bladder designed to redistribute pressure around the bones in a relative lower pressure and to prevent...

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Serene - 5

Male /180cm/ 70kg Interface pressure profiles generated on APEX SERENE Cell-on-cell Bladder Design The bottom cells provides a stable surface acting as emergency support for patient transportation, moving or during a periods of power failure. Specifications Model Serene Pump Dimension Weight Case Material Supply Voltage Operating Cycle Mattress Dimension Cell Height Weight Cover Material Cell Material Maximum Weight Capacity

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Serene - 6

USA Apex Medical USA Corp. 615 N. Berry St. Suite D, Brea, CA 92821, USA T +1 714 671 3818 F +1 714 671 9040 MIDDLE EAST • AFRICA 29, Misr Liltameer Building, Stree#10, AREA#8, Sheraton Building, Heliopolis Cairo, Egypt. T+20222671303 F +202 2 2678649 CHINA Apex Medical (Kunshan) Corp. No. 1368, ZiZhu Road, Kunshan, Jiang Su Province, China T +86 512 8617 1660 Ext 1150 F +86 512 8617 8663 INDIA Apex Medicalcorp India Pvt. Ltd. 303, Third Floor Block 4A DLF Corporate Park Phase-ill, Gurgaon,...

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