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Sturdy autoclave series - 1


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Sturdy autoclave series - 2

Reliable Sterilization Partner Sturdy F • rom the establishment in 1992, Sturdy has been dedicated to bring our clients the most advanced products. With the mission to be your reliable sterilization partner, Sturdy isn’t only committed to the development of progressive technology, but also possesses all the requisite certifications. ISO 13485, CE certificates and Taiwan GMP are for quality management control approval and guarantee the safety of our products. Always aiming for greater achievement to next era, we hope our spirit can be transmitted to the users and thus, to have a connection...

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Sturdy autoclave series - 3

Sturdy stands by you Sturdy Industrial has been supplying the autoclaves with reliable, durable for over 23 years and boasts a complete line-up of products for autoclave application, including hospitals & medical centers, small/medium sized clinics, laboratories & research centers, and non-medical applications (e.g. tattoo parlors, beauty salons). Sturdy Autoclaves are 100% MIT (Made in Taiwan), from design, to development, manufacturing and packing, ensuring that every item is inspected under our Total Quality Control standards to meet and surpass strict ISO and CE regulations. Our...

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Sturdy autoclave series - 4

The Series represents Sturdy's all purpose, top-of-line tabletop autoclave with versatility and flexibility to meet almost any situation that arises. This model uses an LCD panel along with 3 navigation buttons (up/down/return), which allow you to configure almost everything using the screen - this minimizes the buttons on the panel and allows the series more flexibility and functionality. SA-260MB/SA-300MB/SA-302MB Features: ■ Class B ■ LCD panel ■ Pre & post vacuum ■ Prion preset program ■ Leakage, Helix, B.D. diagnostics ■ Data recorder (SD card) and printer ■ Vacuum based tubal...

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Sturdy autoclave series - 5

Super Microm Series -Tabletop Vacuum Sturdy’s advanced tabletop autoclaves for solid, wrapped, tubal and liquid (optional) sterilization. These autoclaves use Microprocessor design, providing smart logic control for precision temperature monitoring and a full range of settings for diagnostics, drying and pre-programmed sterilization presets. The main feature is a powerful vacuum pump for thorough inside-out sterilization of tubal instruments. SA-230MA/SA-260MA/SA-300MA Features: n Pre & post vacuum n B.D. & Pump test diagnostics n Prion preset program n Auto water fill n Pressure overload...

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Sturdy autoclave series - 6

Super Falcon Series -Tabletop Auto The autoclaves are engineered with Microprocessor Technology, providing advanced features for more sophisticated chamber sensors, user interfaces and warning and alert systems. They are designed for Wrapped, Solid and optional Liquid sterilization. The straightforward control panel is especially designed for staff from all types of backgrounds and experience levels, increasing efficiency and minimizing user error, while still providing enough functionality to get the job done. SA-230FA/SA-260FA .'es: ■ Easy Program Selector ■ Pressure overload protection ■...

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Sturdy autoclave series - 8

Poleax Plus Series -Tabletop Semiauto The Poleax Plus Series are designed for sterilization of unwrapped materials in hospitals and clinics. They are easy to install – just plug into a power source, add water and start sterilizing. Simple operation and easy maintenance. Comply with EN13060 Class N. SA-232N/SA-252N/SA-300N Features: n Class N n Digital sterilization cycle recorder (SD & USB) n Overheat protection n Pressure overload protection n Pressure safety valve n Pressure auto door lock n Micro switch door lock n Emergency stop button Class N Model SA-232N SA-252N SA-300N Chamber...

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Sturdy autoclave series - 9

Falcon Series -Tabletop Semiauto The autoclaves are designed with traditional mechanical engineering for customers who are accustomed to and prefer straightforward, nuts-n-bolts autoclaves with time-tested quality and durability that is both economical and practical. Control panels are designed with simple controls which make these autoclaves also ideal for non-medical applications, such as tattoo parlors and beauty salons. SA-252F/SA-300H Features: n Graduated sterilization timer n Mechanical pressure control system n Pressure overload protection n Overheat protection n Pressure auto door...

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Sturdy autoclave series - 10

Poleax Series -Tabletop Semiauto The autoclaves are constructed with both Microprocessor and Traditional Mechanical designs except SA-230. They offer advantages such as power conservation, water conservation and reduced maintenance due to less parts. Control panels are designed with simple controls for basic sterilization tasks. SA-230/SA-232/SA-232X/232V Features: ■ EZ Control panel ■ EZ maintenance ■ Overheat protection ■ Pressure overload protection ■ Door safety latch (SA-232X only) ■ Pressure safety valve Model Chamber capacity (Liter) Sterilization Temp (° C) Control system Life time

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Sturdy autoclave series - 11

Vertical autoclaves are suitable for instruments such as flasks, frequently used in Lab and Research centers. SA-300VMA is designed with microprocessor control to ensure accurate temperature regulation during sterilization. The most main feature is a powerful vacuum pump for thorough inside-out sterilization of tubal instruments. Features: ■ Pre & post vacuum ■ B.D. & Pump test diagnostics ■ Prion preset program ■ Auto water fill (piped-in) ■ Pressure overload protection ■ Overheat protection ■ Pressure auto door lock ■ Emergency/reset buttons ■ Pressure safety valve ■ Liquid sterilization...

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Sturdy autoclave series - 12

SA-300VLA is designed for Lab and Research Centers. The most important feature is a temperature Sensor for more precise liquid temperature control. It also has piped water supply and auto water fill. SA-300VL is suitable for Lab and Research Centers. It is upright systems and contains enough vertical space for two baskets. SA-300VLA/SA-300VL SA-300VLA Features: ■ Digital temperature control ■ Graduated sterilization timer ■ Liquid temperature sensor for more precise liquid temperature control ■ Auto water fill (piped-in) ■ Pressure auto door lock Model Chamber capacity (Liter) Sterilization...

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