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VAC Pro - 1

VAC ProPortable Suction Unit The VAC-series pump is Apex Medical's most recent generation of portable suction units and has been designed to combine function with aesthetic appeal and meet the needs of today's hygiene and infection control requirements. The Vac Pro is durable, lightweight and versatile in the provision of general suction usage.

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VAC Pro - 2

VAC Pro Portable Suction Unit Features ▼ • Smooth hygienic finish, water resistant, easy to clean and maintain. • Lightweight 2.8kg only. • Optional accesaories available Single-patient use canister available in 800ml or 1800ml Filter and Tubing. Integrated Canister Holder Portable design with ergonomic easy-to-carry handle. Pressure regulator and easy-to-read analogue pressure gauge. Detachable power cord allows you to quickly change to another cord to match local electrical outlet requirement. Single-patient use canister available in 800ml or 1800ml. Electrical Rating AC 110 - 120V,...

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