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LabPower Windows software for UV/Visible spectrophotometers software is compatible with all Windows environments (from 98 to Windows 7 - 32 bits), and offers access including control of all automatic accessories The LabPower software is compatible with all basic routine photometry applications such as: Available Analytical Methods provides data in Abs, %T or concentration and calculates calibration curves using up to 33 standards via linear and quadratic regression or linear integration. All standard curves can be stored on hard disk for later concentration measurements. allows data acquisition at 2-14 wavelengths with a high slewing speed. Real time as well as Post run calculations of ratios and differences can be made in single mode or repeated at user defined time intervals. provides a variety of scan speeds to acquire spectra from your individual samples. Spectrum re-scaling is automatic or user defined. Scanning can be automatically repeated at user selected time intervals. Real time as well as post run calculations include baseline subtraction, peak and/or valley determination, overlay of curves and derivative calculation. provides a selection of sampling rates to allow acquisition of kinetic data at very high speed (up to 2000 data points per minute) or over a long period of time (15 hours). Real time as well as post run calculations are available similar to wavelength scan plus kinetic activity calculations. Calculation Functions • Enzyme activity calculations by linear regression. • Calibration function via linear or quadratic regression as well as linear interpolation. • Curve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. • 1st to 4th derivatives. • Wavelength ratio, difference and base point. • Cursor with coordinate values displayed. • Zoom function. • Detection of peaks and/or valleys • Overlaid curves in graphical or tabular format. Report capability • Editing of customized individual analytical reports with storage and automated print features

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LabPower software - 2

LabPower Windows software for UV/Visible spectrophotometers • Full compatibility with all our spectrophotometers range: UviLine, UviKon, UviLight • Full compatibility with all spectrophotometers accessories for UviLine, UviKon, UviLight • Real time Import / Export of measurements in Excel (Excel control via LabPower) • Real time spectrum display for all compatible instruments including UviLine and UviLight File Conversion • For direct use with spreadsheets, numerical analysis or desktop publishing software packages • Data file conversion into ASCII • Data file conversion into EXCEL •...

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