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PORTABLE UV ANALYZER FOR WATER QUALITY Fast water quality diagnosis 1. Multiparametric measure: Organic matter (COD, BOD, TOC, TSS), specific compounds (NO3, Detergents)* 2. All type of water (Natural water, raw sewage water, treated water, process water) 3. Fast, reading in less than 1 minute 4. Reagent free APPLICATIONS FIELD • Control of organic and particulate pollution • Protection against accidental pollution from industries • Control of the conformity of discharges in the receiving environment • Chlorine process control • Control of the impact on the natural habitat * For any other parameter, cont

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Pastel UV - 2

Example of screen results ECH1 Rest Bon Dill : 0 Site 045 Nom 001 T. Opt 5 mm The PASTEL UV is able to measure 6 parameters simultaneously and thus permits rapid characterisation of the effluent. These parameters can differ from user to another. PASTEL UV operates without reagents and without consumables ; the cost of running the machine is therefore independant of the number of analysis performed. After the sample has been taken with a micropipette and the quartz cuvette has been filled, analysis and reading of the results take no more than a minute. This speed makes it possible to carry...

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