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PRIM LIGHT & ADVANCED COMPACT VISIBLE SPECTROPHOTOMETER PRIM Light & PRIM Advanced spectrophotometers are combining a high level of performance with an simple and intuitive manipulation. Compacts and light, these new spectrophotometers are ideal for standard applications in education or in laboratory. A choice among 4 PRIM units • PRIM Light : Basic internal software including standard spectrophotometric applications in absorbance, transmittance andsingle-standard concentration. • PRIM Advanced : Advanced applications for absorbance, transmittance, multi-standards concentration, kinetics, multi-wavelengths and spectrum scanning. • For low concentration samples, PRIM Light and PRIM Advanced are also available with 50 mm long cell holder. • Internal applications : All applications, basic or standard, are included and immediatly available on each spectrophotometer. • 50 methods memory : All PRIM spectrophotometers can store up to 50 methods in their memory. Stored application can be recalled any time without reprogramming the method parameters. Before running the methode, it is possible to check the stored parameters by pressing only one button from the navigator key. • Giant display : 2 lines of 16 digits, back-lit and highly contrasted for best readability. Real-time and permanent display of wavelength and absorbance in any measurement mode. • 1 button = 1 function : Keyboard is clearly and simply organized and every button corresponds to one specific function. Operation is simpler, faster and tampering is avoided. • Safety - Low power voltage : Mandatory in education for pupil protection, and increasingly recomended on every lab where a risk is existing due to water surroundings Powered by low voltage, any electric chock is avoided. • Internal calibration filter : In order to certify accurate and repeatable results, the spectrophotometer calibrates itself automaticaly on each start-up granted to its internal didymium filter ; a complete report is automaticaly printed on the external printer if connected. • Pre-adjusted halogen lamp : Located at the rear side of the instrument, the lamp is pre-adjusted, it can be replaced quickly and easily without any tool. • Compact : Light 2,5 kg and compact with only A4 size, PRIM can be handled easily.

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Prim Light& Advanced - 2

A WIDE CHOICE OF MEASURING MODES • Absorbance / % Transmittance : Automatic wavelength selection from 330 to 900 nm, per steps of 1 nm, with the Absorbance value and the % of Transmittance monitored at real time. • Concentration calculation : Concentration measurement of unknown samples. Spectrophotometer calibration using factor or standards (till 8) of known concentration. • Kinetics : Analysis of Absorbance variation as a function of the time. Program to include lag time, reaction time. Automatic calculation of Absorbance variation during each segment of time or the total time...

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