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STAC Chlorine Analyzer It is difficult today to measure chlorine whose concentrations fluctuate from 4 mg/L up to 3 g/L. The problem still becomes complicated if measurement must be automated. The solutions which exist to measure chlorine are: > the colorimetry using reagents and titrimetry. These methods are not easy to use on line and relate to only the small > Potential "Redox" measurement. Although usable in process, the measurement carried out by probe makes dilution impossible during strong concentration. SECOMAM offers a powerful and easy to use on line alternative by direct physical measurement in the UV of the chlorine concentration from 4 mg/L up to 3 000 mg/L . Much more SECOMAM Analyzer can simultaneously measure Dissolved MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE Measurement is based on the acquisition of UV spectrum (204 - 321Nm) of the sample and its interpretation by a method of calculation called the "Deconvolution". The calculation of "Deconvolution" > the spectrum of the sample is the sum of absorption spectra known as reference spectra; > the combination of a small number of reference spectra makes it possible to reconstitute the shape of UV spectrum of an unknown sample. This small number of spectra of reference is called "Model". After acquisition of the spectrum and its treatment by the "Deconvolution" method, measurement will give: - Concentration of the sought parameters, - Information on the quality of measurement (adequacy between the selected model and the measured MEASURED PARAMETER In this operation, H2S is dissolved at basic Ph, and then converted into Sulfate by Chlorine. The STAC CI is able to trace both Chlorine & Chlorine solution spectrum (concentration 1 g/l) Measured by an STAC CHLORINE analyzer using a flow through cell of 2 Cl2 (free) = Cl2 (aqueous) + HCIO- (Hypochloric ion) + CI" (chloride)

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STAC Chlorine Analyzer SOFTWARE It is possible to use UV PRO software with STAC CHLORINE. With this software, it is possible to adapt a model to the measured parameters (Cl2 – HS-), download the samples spectra and help the maintenance’ staff. The STAC CHLORINE analyzer includes: - one channel for blank - from 1 to 4 programmable channels for samples - from 2 to 5 pinching electro valves to control the liquids - a flow through cell to measure the samples - one LCD display - a keyboard - deuterium lamp APPLICATION EXAMPLE H2S NEUTRALIZATION & DESODORIZATION in WWTP: The presence of a water...

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