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COMPACT ALARM SYSTEM Example of Atrazin detection 2,5 Natural Water 1 ppm atrazin doped natural water Atrazin-(1mg.L-1) THE OVERALL CONTEXT SECOMAM and Alès Mines School designed a Compact Alarm System called STAC dedicated for this survey. Using an innovative and patented technology, the STAC: : • Estimates the Organic Matter (COD, BOD, TOC), the TSS level and measures the nitrate concentration. • Checks and detects undesirable substances (Pesticides, aromatic hydrocarbons..) PRINCIPLE Most of macro pollutants and mainly Organic Matters, TSS and Nitrates absorb in a specific way in the UV light spectrum. By measuring the sample absorbance in the specific area of the UV spectrum, the STAC records the spectral profile of the sample, a true numerical picture of the water qualit

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STAC - 2

• Detector • V diode array spectrophotometer (204U 323 nm) without any moving parts • asy to maintain, 50 mm quartz E cuvette • Pulsed deuterium source for a far UV high energy • Sampling • Automatic and sequential sampling circuit rinsing and cuvette cleaning • Programmable automatic sampling from 5 to 30 minutes • Pinching valves Ø 8 mm for TSS reading without filtration FLUIDS CONNECTION SCHEMATIC EXAMPLE Water analyzer <5M • Physical method with almost no consumable • Very fast reading (< 5 minutes) • Easy and low maintenance • Both quantitative and qualitative reading • Build in...

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