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UV-Vis spectrophotometers

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UviKon XS & XL - 2

SECOMAM is proud to provide the new fourth generation UVIKON ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometers. With more than five decades of experience in the design, manufacture, and support of UV-VIS instrumentation, SECOMAM provides innovative solutions to laboratory analysis. The UVIKON gives you confidence in your data. Its superior and highly efficient true double beam optical design is matched with the latest digital signal processing technology (ADSP, Advanced Digital Signal Processing). ADSP guarantees reliable data acquisition, outstanding sensitivity and extremely low signal noise for...

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UviKon XS & XL - 3

Reasons to choose UVIKON

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UviKon XS & XL - 4

The UVIKON's modern optics and advanced electronics are designed to save space in your laboratory. UVIKON XS UVIKON XS offers double beam capability at a very competitive price. It sets the standard for both value and performance. UVIKON XS is quality-engineered with optimized simplicity to give more productivity to every laboratory. Its advanced double-beam technology, high accuracy and precision, and quick usability assure topquality results every time.

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UviKon XS & XL - 5

Ease of operation UVIKON XL UVIKON XL sets the standard for excellence in optics, software and performance. With its low stray light, superior photometric linearity, and high resolution, UVIKON XL easily meets your lab's advanced UV-VIS requirements. It gives every user the power to accomplish both routine and demanding applications with ease. UVIKON XL's automation and data handling capabilities also provide maximum versatility and productivity for your laboratory. The UVIKON's status display always shows the operating status of the system and the current absorbance and wavelength – all...

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UviKon XS & XL - 6

Superior precision and accuracy begin with a superior optical design. Having more than five decades of experience in spectroscopy, SECOMAM sets the standard for uncompromised optical performance with the UVIKON's state-of-the-art optical design. MEASUREMENT STABILITY Reproducibility with every analysis Accurate data for long kinetics Double-beam optics with dark current correction Thermally insulated optical bench High-sensitivity detector PRECISE DATA Accurate peak wavelength values Superb resolution for fine molecular structure data State-of-the-art grating drive system Precise data...

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UviKon XS & XL - 7

Superior Optics Lamps compartment thermally isolated from optical bench High-efciency ZeissTM grating designed for maximum optical throughput and low stray light Deuterium and Halogen lamp Chopper system corrects for any change in lamp output and dark current 100 times per second (120 at 60Hz) Slit Chopper ZeissTM grating UVIKON optical design

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UviKon XS & XL - 8

SECOMAM offers a complete range of accessories for the UVIKON spectrophotometers. Designed for reliability and built to exacting standards, each accessory is pre-aligned. Each accessory quickly mounts in the sample compartment such that it is already in its optimized location with no need for tools. • Peristaltic sipper with sample return and thermostatable owcell holders • Temperature sensors • Magnetic stirrer • Long path rectangular cell holder (up to 100 mm) • Long path cylindrical cell holder (up to 100 mm) • Filter and solid sample holder The UVIKON's QuickLock feature allows...

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UviKon XS & XL - 9

Multifunctional Accessories Automatic water-thermostated sample changer for simultaneous analysis of up to 10 enzyme reactions Thermopack – external Peltier thermostating system Thermosystem – Software controlled, Peltier thermostated accessory for nucleic acid thermal melts Performance validation kit with lters and software. Every Uvikon comes fully tested and includes a factory Certicate of Performance. All test data is archived at the factory for full traceability

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UviKon XS & XL - 10

The UVVISion software supports all measurement methods in photometry such as: Fixed Wavelength: Readings at a xed wavelength, with calibration curve Wavelength Program: Readings at numerous wavelengths Wavelength Scan: Wavelength Scan Time Drive: Sequential readings at rapid kinetics Auto Rate Assay: Parallel readings from up to 10 samples at slower assay of activity

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UviKon XS & XL - 11

Software UVVISion Simple compilation of methods and automation of complex calculations: All parameter of the devices used for the implementation of readings, including the formulas for the calculation of results, are defined as one method and stored in the database. The registered reading data is stored using the corresponding method or a version of the method. Therefore, it is possible at all times to determine with which method the reading data has been generated. If a method is altered, a new version of the method will be produced automatically. The integrated formula editor makes the...

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UviKon XS & XL - 12

Software Lab Power The Lab Power software supports all basic routine applications in photometry such as: Fixed Wavelength: Measurements at a single wavelength including calibration curves up to 33 standards Wavelength Program: Allows data acquisition at 2–14 wavelengths Wavelength Scan: Provides wavelength scans with real time as well as post-run calculations. Peak and valley determinations, overlay of curves and derivative are possible. Time Drive: Allows sequential measurements of kinetic data at very high speed (up to 2000 data points/min) or over a long period (15 hours). Auto Rate...

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UviKon XS & XL - 13

Specifications OPTICAL DESIGN • Well-proven true symmetric double beam optics with only 6 reflecting surfaces per beam • High energy diffraction Zeiss™ monochromator design using a holographic blazed grating with 1300 lines per mm. • Very sensitive photodiode (XS)/photo-multiplier (XL) with a rotating chopper providing 100% energy in sample and reference beams plus dark current correction. • External source bench providing thermal insulation with optical bench and isolation of the whole photometric assembly against contamination by ozone emitted by deuterium lamp. • Optical bench base...

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UviKon XS & XL - 14

Technical Data UVIKON XS Wavelength range Wavelength steps Scan speed Transfer speed Spectral bandwidth Wavelength accuracy (holmium perchlorate solution at 10nm/min, 1.8nm) Wavelength reproductibility (with holmium perchlorate solution at 444.4nm and second wavelength at 536.7nm ; and 444.4nm and second wavelength at 351.1nm) Baseline atness, 200–800 nm (1 nm Step, 200 nm/min scanning speed)) Stray light (WG 295 lter, 220nm, 1.8nm, 1 sec) Linearity (set of n°5 neutral density lters, 250nm, 1.8 nm, 1 sec. r2 > 0.999) Photometric range Photometric accuracy (350 – 590nm – potassium dichromate...

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