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UviLine 9100 & 9400 Old - 1

Education  •  Food industry  •  Health  •  Biotech  •  Reference laboratories UviLine Range 9100 & 9400 UV & Visible spectrophotometers An intelligent combination of innovations n Best optical quality for higher accuracy n Improve your Lab Productivity: n USB port n GLP n powerful and user friendly software under Windows CE environment n Easy to use and detailed software n Wide range of accessories for all applications More information on

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UviLine 9100 & 9400 Old - 2

UviLine family: an intelligent combination of inno The two UviLine instruments and their accessories combine the most innovative design available in the modern analytical ■ Easy to use, accurate, powerful are the UviLine key words. SECOMAM engineers kept those targets permanently in mind during the design phases ■ UviLine spectrophotometers are the market's easiest to use spectrophotometers: Powerful software, GLP compliance and fully accessible cuvette compartment ■ Time saving and best value for money are significant criteria for customers' decision making. UviLine spectrophotometers...

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UviLine 9100 & 9400 Old - 3

Large cell compartment for cells up to100 mm. Full range of accessories n 10 mm single cell holder (thermostatable) 20/50/100 mm single cell holder 10 mm cell single holder with Peltier 5+1 automatic cell changer Ambient stray light proof protection Easily accessible

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UviLine 9100 & 9400 Old - 4

Software: Fully dedicated from routine to research applications The UviLine software brings a lot of exclusive features: • Wide variety of calculation modes: Direct Absorbance reading, Multi-points concentration, Multi-wavelength, Spectrum Scanning & Kinetics. • Powerful Quality Management functions: Users management, data managements, reading replicates • Wide storage capacity for users, methods, data & graphics. This capacity is unlimited through USB Sticks • Modern input/output port with 2 USB and I RS232C: USB sticks, external mouse, alphanumeric keyboard, PC, ... • Life sciences:...

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UviLine 9100 & 9400 Old - 5

A full range of accurate and easy-to-use accessories Single cell holder up to 10 mm optical path length Single cell holder up to 100 mm o ­ ptical path length The 10 mm cell holder guarantees a perfect positioning for all types of cells. It can be used with micro cells up to 50 µl. This cell holder authorizes the use of long path length cells up to 100 mm. This accessory precisely covers all UviLine’s high sensitivity manual uses. An optional thermostatable version is also available. SECOMAM’s cells To be used with all our spectro­ photo­­ meters, SECOMAM’s cells are quality and high purity...

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UviLine 9100 & 9400 Old - 6

Software details Concentration From 0 to 10 standards with interpolations. Graphic calibration curve management Dynamic graphic curve display, graphic management: zoom, sloop calculation, current Abs Spectrum scanning Dynamic graphic curve display: graphic management: zoom, derivative, current Abs, picks and valleys Multi Wavelength User login with 3 levels Storage capacity Internal: 100 methods/ 30 graphics/ 1000 data With USB key: limited to the key size Technical specifications UviLine 9100 Visible unit UviLine 9400 UV-Visible unit Wavelength range Light sources Optical resolution...

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