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Uviline 9100 & 9400 - 1

with Sipper effect Peltier An intelligent combination of innovations BEST OPTICAL QUALITY FOR HIGHER ACCURACY • Improve your Lab Productivity: • USB port • GLP • Powerful and user friendly software under Windows CE environment • Easy to use and detailed software • Wide range of accessories for all app

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Uviline 9100 & 9400 - 2

A FULL RANGE OF ACCURATE AND EASY-TO-USE ACCESSORIES 1 Single cell holder up to 10 mm optical path length: The 10 mm cell holder guarantees a perfect positioning for all types of cells. It can be used with micro cells up to 50 μl. An optional thermostatable version is also available.. 2 16mm tube holder: 16mm tube holder. Complementary to micromethods and specially designed for the use of 16 mm diameter tube. Quick and easy installation due to the Quick-Lock system and the symbol indicating the tube position. 3 5mm-100mm universal tank holder & 16mm tube: Tank holder up to 100mm of optical...

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Uviline 9100 & 9400 - 3

UVILINE FAMILY: AN INTELLIGENT COMBINATION OF INNOVATIONS The two UviLine instruments and their accessories combine the most innovative design available in the modern analytical instruments: • Easy to use, accurate, powerful are the UviLine key words. SECOMAM engineers kept those targets permanently in mind during the design phases • UviLine spectrophotometers are the market‘s easiest to use spectrophotometers: Powerful software, GLP compliance and fully accessible cuvette compartment • Time saving and best value for money are significant criteria for customers‘ decision making. UviLine...

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Uviline 9100 & 9400 - 4

Large cell compartment for cells up to100 mm. Full range of accessories • 10 mm single cell holder (thermostatable) • 20/50/100 mm single cell holder • 10 mm cell single holder with Peltier • Sipper • 5+1 automatic cell changer • Ambient stray light proof protection • Easily accessible Robust case : • IP 30 • Screen and keyboard easy to clean and waterproof • Small footprint Standard PLC printer compatible via the USB ports SOFTWARE: FULLY DEDICATED FROM ROUTINE TO RESEARCH APPLICATIONS SOFTWARE The UviLine software brings a lot of exclusive features: • Wide variety of calculation modes:...

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Uviline 9100 & 9400 - 5

• Life sciences: enzymes kinetics, substrate tests, proteins quantifications, DNA/RNA, Peltier system • Teaching: sipper accessory, Windows environment with data storage on USB key, easy to link to standard didactic software • Food Industry: sugar tests with long path length for purity; beer, milk, soft drinks, wine tests including color; thermostated cell holder for enzymatic reaction • Chemical & petrochemical: aromatic oil, ink& die, paper mills • Reference laboratories: drug monitoring, references methods, water & food quality control Start measurement with <START ENTER> Direct...

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Uviline 9100 & 9400 - 6

SOFTWARE DETAILS Concentration Kinetics • From 0 to 10 standards. Graphic calibration curve management • Dynamic graphic curve display, graphic management: zoom, sloop calculation, current Abs • Dynamic graphic curve display, graphic management: zoom, derivative, current Abs, peaks and valleys • Up to 10 WL - results formula • User login with 3 levels, parameters & data storage • Internal: 100 methods / 30 graphics / 1000 data • With USB stick: limited to the key size Spectrum scanning Multi Wavelength GLP compliant Storage capacity TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Wavelength range Light Source...

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