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Urinalysis reagent for visual or machine reading AUTION Sticks AUTION Sticks Creatinine correction is vital for protein measurement with single voided urine. Conventional urinary tests using single voided urine sometimes undervalue or overvalue urine protein due to increased or reduced urine concentration.

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High-precision screening of kidney disease is now possible even with single-voided urine. Interpretation of Test Results Correlation between P/C ratio and A/C ratio in concentration Albumin / Creatinine ratio (A/C ratio) (Company data) Protein / Creatinine ratio When Creatinine pigment in the urine reacts with palladium compound, blue-green color on test paper changes to yellow. The decreased ratio of blue-green color level is proportional to creatinine Competition reaction Creatinine]+| Pigment - Pd complex|^|pjgment| +1 Creatinine - Pd complex [Blue green) (Yellow] arKray siobai...

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