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Laboratory Products ARKRAY attends to every customer need by offering various diabetes and urinalysis instruments. Our products range from simple, easy-to-use equipment for bedside testing at medical clinics to high speed/ high throughput equipments for clini- Diabetes Diagnosis ADAMS A1c, HA-8180 is a fully automated Glycohemoglo- bin (HbA1c) analyzer based on HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography). HbA1c is a good parameter for long-term blood glucose monitoring in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. There are two types of HA-8180. For the measurement of variant Hb, HA-8180V...

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OSMO STATION™ OSMO STATION is a popular automatic osmometer that satisfies all your clinical and R&D / OA needs. It has user-friendliness with established reliability and • Noise-free and accurate measurement using Freezing-point * Micro sample volume Sample required only 200pL • Free calibration Calibration data is memorized unless turning off the power • Various measurement mode Osmotic pressure ratio measurement Control measurement i-densy provides easy SNPs analysis of your choice. Fully integrated automatic system from Pretreatment, • Fully automated measurement - up to 4 samples can...

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Point of Care(POC) Products ARKRAY provides POC systems that support real-time inspections at medical clinics and enable easy-network construction through computerized management on wide-ranging inspection items. SPOTCHEM EZ performs biochemical measurements easily with the dry method and solid phase reagent. A built-in compact centrifuge reduces pretreatment of samples before measurement. SPOTCHEM EZ is a most-advanced dry chemistry analyzer. Compact & lightweight - Only A4 sized space for installation Built-in compact centrifuge Simple operation Easy calibration with magnetic card...

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Palm-sized, fitting easily into a doctor's bag or uniform In order to achieve the goals of "anytime", "anywhere" and "easy to handle", the printer can be separated from "Pock- etChem" analyzer, leaving it with a weight of just 180g. Multiple functions Palm-sized meter driven by two batteries Easy operation and daily maintenance Highly reliable test results with Creatinine compensation PocketChem BA is a palm size meter with the separate printer unit, and whole blood sample is available with easy operation. You can measure blood ammonia anytime, anywhere and by anyone without any care about...

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Self-Care Products ARKRAY's self-care products enable diabetic patients to control their blood glucose levels themselves. The products are designed to be easy-to-use, fast, and accurate. Blood Glucose meter GLUCOCARD 01 is a more advanced SMBG meter which requires no coding and is user-friendly with both thin design ■ Quick test time - 7seconds ■ Micro sample volume - 0.3|jl • Data management (With the MEQNET SMBG Viewer) GLUCOCARD 01-mini is a SMBG meter which provides sophisticated functions in compact and stylish design. ■ Quick test time - 7seconds ■ Micro sample volume - 0.3|jl ■ Flag...

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GLUCOCARD™ X-mini GLUCOCARD™ X-mini plus GLUCOCARD X-mini is a SMBG meter which provides sophisticated functions in compact and stylish design. ■ Quick test time - 5 seconds ■ Micro sample volume - 0.3(jl • Flag markers (meal, control) GLUCOCARD X-mini plus is a more advanced SMBG meter which successfully benefits the user with no coding, top specifications, and stylish design. ■ Quick result - Just 5 seconds ■ Storage of 500 test results • Ejection strips function ■ Clear visibility display with Backlight LCD ■ Test strip light & Underdosing detection ■ Small sample volume - 0.3^il • Flag...

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The Lancet device "Multi-Lancet S" significantly reduces pain and accurately collects only the minimum amounts of blood sample needed. • Easiness to receive enough blood amount because of special spring mechanism that reduces mechanical vibration and damages to the skin • Adjustable puncture depths (10 different steps) AND The Lancet device "Multi-Lancet Device" can bring about painless pricking and accurately collection of the minimum amount of blood sample needed. * Significantly reducing the shock of lancing and pain * Adjustable puncture depth with a choice node of Blood Lactate Meter A...

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