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Test strip for urine albumin and creatinine AUTION SCREEN icroalbumin / Creatinine AUTION SCREEN VicrnaflurWCrwnwa Ideal for early detection of pediatric nephrology and screening of diabetic nephropathy... Early-stage kidney disorder with virtually no symptoms. Early detection affects patient QOL (Quality of Life) . Simultaneous measurement of both microalbumin and creatinine enables early detection of kidney disease using voided urine.

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Microalbumin and creatinine correction enables highly reliable testing even with single-voided urine. Related products Compact Urine Analyzer Highly-reliable testing, unaffected by urine dilution/concentration is even possible with single-voided urine. P/C ratio and A/C ratio items useful for kidney disorder screening. Compact, yet full of functions including chromaturia compensation, temperature compensation and Specific Easy operation: just push the start key and load the test strips. The hassle from maintenance is kept to a Interpretation of Test Results Albumin/Creatinine ratio...

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