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GLUCOCARD ?-mini - 1

Simplified Blood Glucose Test Meter Easy & Fast Everything a blood glucose meter should be - Fast and Easy to use. A small 0.5 uL sample size gives accurate results in as little as And the auto coded meter has

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GLUCOCARD ?-mini - 2

Simplified Blood Glucose Test Meter Only 0.5 \iL blood sample is needed for measurement. Measurement result is displayed in just 7 sec. Hassle-free operation prior to measurement thanks to auto Compact - small, light & handy The meter is small and convenient for use on the move. Meter weight is just 25 g (including battery). Flagging Test results Meter has ?ag function to select before or after eating. It is helpful to manage test results due to meal timing. Test strip for GLUCOCARD X -mini ^Design and specifications may be changed without prior notice arKray sLObai KYOTO...

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