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Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer =~ for diabetes testing -in-one solution and 8-thalassemia testing. Scan QR Code to view the video

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HA-8180T - 2

Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer Measurement Speed HA-8180T uses the HPLC method as its measurement principle. Time until first report is 5.4 minutes or less. For subsequent samples, measurement takes just 3.5 minutes. Sample-stirring function ‘The automatic sample-stirring function before measurement prevents fluctuation in measurement results caused by blood cell sedimentation.

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HA-8180T - 3

Measurement Accuracy HbAte HPLC technology provides accurate results, including detailed chromatogram. It will be shown in both IFCC and NGSP units. HA-8180T can have an advantage in 8 thalassemia testing. Easy-to-follow user interface: Save time, avoid errors A large-size color LCD displays actual result, shows analyzer status, comments to operation procedure or informs the user about the remaining reagent volume. Easy-to-maintain No special tools are required for daily maintenance. Exchanged parts are hand-tightened, minimizing the workload of the user. The pre-filter is already...

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HA-8180T - 4

Specifications Samples Measurement items Whole blood or hemolysis sample (HbS, HbC, HbE and HbD can be detected.) ELUENT 80A, ELUENT 80B, ELUENT 80CT and HEMOLYSIS WASHING COLUMN UNIT 80T Measurement principle Reversed-phase cation, exchange chromatography Detection method Dual-wavelength colorimetry (wavelengths measured: 420nm/500nm) 0.1% Ratio, 1 mmol/mol Resolution Measurement range * Guaranteed measurement range * Processing speed Sample consumption Sample container Blood collection tube (12.3 to 15mm diameter) x (75 to 100mm length) Sample cup (500uL) Sampling method Rack type ARKRAY...

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