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Fully automated SNP genotyping system i-dency provides easy SNPs analysis

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Fully automated SNP genotyping system Equipment features Fully automated measurement All what you need is to put reagent pack with sample applied in place and to press the start button. Up to 4 samples can simultaneously be measured. Additional measurement is available in the units that All regular maintenance required is cleaning of tip disposal tray and reaction tube set area. Fully integrated automatic system from Pretreatment, amplification, i-densy™ IS-5320 enables analysis of gene SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) related to metabolism of drugs, gene mutation by cancer. All-in-one...

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Reagent features Compact reagent pack All of necessary reagent is packed into reagent pack. Waste liquid bottle is unnecessary since waste stays in reagent pack. User friendly interface Primer/probe setup area (to be used only with i-densy pack UNIVERSAL) Sample setup i-densy -dedicated reagent pack Multi type sample support i-densy can handle various type of samples such as whole blood, oral swab and purified nucleic i-densy Pack UNIVERSAL With i-densy Pack UNIVERSAL, just designing primer and probe enables users to Multiplex reagent Measurement of up to 3 SNPs is possible with one pack....

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i-densy Pack This photo is i-dency Pack UNIVERSAL. i-densy dedicated reagent i-densy Pack i-densy Oral Swab Collecting Kit Please note that external appearance and specification may change for improvement without prior notice. ▲Oral swab collect kit arnray siobai KYOTO MIYUKI BIdg. 1 OF, 689 Takanna-cho,

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