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SPOTCHEM D-Concept - 1

Dry Clinical Chemistry Analysis SPOTCHEM D-Concept™ A test system leading the way with excellent scalability and stylish design

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SPOTCHEM D-Concept - 2

Dry Clinical Chemistry Analysis with excellent scalability Proprietary technology molded into a compact form analysis technology, condensed. Separate operation and measurement units: measurement units can be added to An innovation in stylish design A novel, smart and functional design for clinical laboratory equipment

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SPOTCHEM D-Concept - 3

Calibration by magnetic card Operation unit Once connected, measurement units can be collectively operated through this, the SPOTCHEM™ D-00. It can readily be calibrated just by loading a magnetic card into SPOTCHEM™ D-00. Simple card-swipe calibration. Mobile immuno-nephelometry analysis Measurement unit Compact reagent pack Accurate measurement of CRP, rheumatoid factor, iirinary-rnicroalburrrin and urine creatinine. Disposable reagent packs remove the need for waste liquid treatment meaning extra safety for Electrolyte measuring reagent Biochemistry measuring reagent Choose necessary...

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SPOTCHEM D-Concept - 4

"Design and specifications may be subject to change without notice. KYOTO MIYUKI Bldg. 10F, 689 Takanna-cho,

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