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MDS- 101 - 2

■ Technical data Dirnension and Weight Wdght AppЮ 対mately 68kg(wК hOut Opdon) Power supply (aVailable voitage is described on the machine identilcation plate) Eleclricity:∼ 2.l kVA with a pЮ tecuve gЮ und(3P type) BIood Pump back‐ up battery Water supply Supply pressure:69∼ 300 kPa at waterlow rate more than 1000 mLゴ min Watertemperature:5 to 30° System:ciosed ioop circuit+UF pump UF rate:Oto 5.00L/h BIood Pump Syttnge Pump Monhonng Systems Venous Pressure:‐ 100 to+400 mmHg AtteHaI Pressure:‐ 200 Dialysate pressure卜 BIood ieak detector Opdcai sensori 500 ppm(Hct 25%) Air detectoR...

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MDS- 101 - 3

A12 inch TFT touch panel display enhances easy operation and a‖ fundamentat procedures, Selection of the ultra‐ Π itration setting Text‐ based instructions and diagrams shown on the screen ensures ease of Mode l: The UF rate is calculated th(!Dia vsaに Precsu「 use ttr s愴 ,s when perFormhg attustment Backup battery automatically when the U F volume The treatment time is catculated automatically when the UF volume and UF rate are set Prottre Fvnctlio′ , Eyenと 打lisと oリ Eight pre‐ Powder bicarbonate cartrige additional eight pronie patterns can be concentrations in the dialysate pronie patterns...

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