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MultiPulse Tm+1470 The unique combination of wavelengths Why Thulium:YAG combined with 1,470 nm wavelength? Through the combination of 1,940 and 1,470  you have a clear surnm gical field free of blood, bubbles and debris. Observable surgical effect – no unseen deep tissue effects occur. Specialized laser fibers combined with the special wavelength results in reduced risk of inadvertent tissue damage. MADE IN GERMANY USPs b  nique combination of U wavelength b  leeding can be stopped immeB diately without changing fiber b  Reduced treatment time b  Specific & precise treatment b  o unseen effects N in deeper tissue b  onstant power output C ensures even effects without negative impairments b  Highest safety b  Versatile The company For over thirty years, Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader on the international medical laser scene. Its ongoing success, thanks to the constant development of new techniques, have made Asclepion Laser Technologies one of Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 DIN EN ISO 13485: 2010 Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, Annex II Not for sale in the US cialized instruments for medical, astronomic and technological research. Today the Thuringian companies with headquarters in Jena provide last generation technologies for industries all over the world. Among these, Asclepion Laser Technologies assumed a leading role in 1984 when it introduced the Argon laser for the treatment of vascular lesions in the eyes, as well as the very first Excimer lasers. Then several years later, it launched MCL29, the first Erbium laser for dermatology and aesthetic applications worldwide. Asclepion Product Portfolio Asclepion Laser Technologies until now offers a PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Your professional partner for surgical laser application the most qualified companies in the entire optical industry worldwide. Today, more than 60 countries trust in the technology of Asclepion Laser Technologies and its proven scientific expertise. Applications b BPH b Endoscopy b Laparoscopy b  Resection of tumors Specifications* Power setting: to 150 W in 5 W steps 5 Treatment mode: ontinuous wave or pulsed (0.5 – 750 ms) C Beam delivery: Wide range of flexible silica/silica bare and side-firing fibers * Specifications & design are subject to alteration. Surgical Concept Asclepion Laser Technologies promotes medical research in order to make the benefits of »Made in Germany« laser technology accessible to an increasing number of people. Every day Asclepion Laser Technologies sets itself the goal of producing positive effects for the health of patients, the success of medical practices & hospitals and its local partners. Specialties b Urology b  General surgery b  Thoracic surgery Laser: Thulium:YAG + 1.5 µm Module Wavelength: 1,940 nm + 1,470 nm Power: Tm: 120 W & 1.5 µm Module: 30 W Power supply: CEE, 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 16 A, blue Asclepion Laser Technologies: a pioneer in research and development In order to create innovative products it is essential to believe and invest in research. For this reason Asclepion Laser Technologies has assumed a leading role in the scientific optical industry where it collaborates actively with researchers from the top German universities. In fact, since 1846 the city of Jena has been the world home of the Zeiss optics industry, an avant-garde field in the development of new products and highly spe- broad product range in four business units: medical aesthetic, beauty, dental and accessory production. The medical aesthetic products – the Star & Effect Family – Top Quality laser devices for cosmetic medicine and surgery. The Asclepion beauty division Raylife offers a unique product and concept for cosmeticians, spa and beauty centres. As OEM partner Asclepion supplies dental lasers, fibers and handpieces to different partners all over the world. Asclepion introducing »The Asclepion Surgical« Asclepion Laser Technologies looks back on 20 years experience with surgical lasers that started with Nd:YAG and Ho:YAG devices, adding CO2 and diode laser later on. Over the past years the use of lasers in surgery has revolutionized surgical treatments. Using lasers in surgical applications not only make surgeries faster and therefore more efficient but also carries less risk, as e.g. minimal blood loss and less complications compared to traditional methods, which also reduces inpatient stay times or even allow ambulant treatments. Asclepion therefore now wants to fully commit itself to surgical laser and is therefore proud to introduce “The Asclepion Surgery” division. With the long experience in laser technology and a broad product range we fully believe to be the right partner for the surgical laser market that expects precise, reliable and intelligent high-tech products. The Asclepion Surgical line with its 5 core products and its broad range of available accessories offer multiple applications that will meet the needs and demands of office and hospital settings for a variety of specialties including Urology, ENT, Gynecology & General surgery.

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MultiPulse HoPLUS The gold standard tool for lithotripsy Why the 2,100 nm laser wavelength? This two micron wavelength is highly absorbed by water and tissues. As the laser is operating in with short pulse duration it is highly effective in the fragmentation of stones e.g. in the ureter and in hard tissue abla­tion. Using long pulse emission mode cutting of soft tissues is very effective providing excellent haemostasis and coagulation with minimal damages of surroundings tissues due to its low penetration depth. Due to its high water absorption the utilization in a hydrous solution...

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