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WHY PROYELLOW •  Peak of hemoglobin absorption •  Less melanin absorption for fewer side effects •  Less fluence needed •  Shorter pulses possible, for a more effective treatment for fine vessels Table top device with integrated skin cooling and scanner * Homogenous beam profile Specially developed optics which guarantee a homogeneous beam profile, for a safe and precise treatment. Trainings are held regularly in the Asclepion ACADEMY training center based in Jena, with participants from all over the world. Moreover, our reference centers throughout the world are available for interested physicians. •  Quick and accurate treatment of larger areas ( e.g. couperosis or port-wine stains of a certain size ) •  More comfort for the patient •  Reduced side effects VISIBLE & INVISIBLE LASER RADIATION HOPSL: ** the latest optically pumped laser technology • High power • High reliability •  power drop No •  Small, compact, light device • No consumables •  Low running costs W H Y A SC L E P ION Training through our ACADEMY AVOID EYE OR SKIN EXPOSURE TO DIRECT OR SCATTERED RADIATION SCAN SHAPES THE FIRST YELLOW TABLE TOP LASER IN DERMATOLOGY MADE IN GERMANY NOT FOR SALE IN THE U.S.A. Solid State  | Scanner |  User friendly APPLICATIONS VASCULAR LESIONS PIGMENTED LESIONS ENDOVASCULAR TREATMENTS NAIL TREATMENT •  Handpieces with different spot sizes •  Fibers for several indications (e.g. EVLT) •  Special footswitch to adjust the fluence and / or repetition rate for an efficient workflow* • Carrying case* Being prepared for success Asclepion supports its customers with a wide range of marketing kits and materials. The Starting Kit: guides, manuals and protocols for assisting the physician through all the phases of use. The Welcome Kit: additional materials such as patient information flyers, posters, pre-post laser treatment guide and anamnesis forms. The Premium Kit: exclusive marketing tools for further improvement and organization of the Clinic – marketing guide, advanced waiting room tools, create your own website. For more than 35 years, Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader on the international medical laser scene. The company is based in the Jena optical Valley, famous throughout the world as the homeland of the German optics industry. This privileged location and continuous investments in research and development of new technologies have enabled Asclepion to take a leading role in the scientific optics industry where it collaborates actively with researchers from top German Universities. The WEBCLUB and the advantages for physicians Today, more than 60 countries trust in the »Made in Germany« technology of Asclepion and its proven scientific expertise. The Asclepion WEBCLUB is a special online platform for all distributors and physicians. This exclusive area offers a lot of advantages: application information, pictures, videos and much more. The Asclepion Effect is a customer orientated philosophy: a full range of service and assistance for customer and distributors in order to support and accompany them even after the purchase. Technical assistance and guarantee Maximum specialist technical assistance, both directly and through a network of local distributors. Yellow & more The device is available in 4 different wavelenghts, allowing a wide range of treatments * optional ** High-power Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser Asclepion Laser Technologies  |  Brüsseler Str. 10  |  07747 Jena  | Germany | www.asclepion.com Yellow is the optimal wavelength for vascular treatments:

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INDICATIONS INDICATIONS INDICATIO TOUCH & START Blood absorption coefficient (mm-1) The QuadroStarPRO with 532  or 577  is the ideal tool for nm nm vascular treatments. The green wavelength (532 nm) is strongly absorbed by hemoglobin, which is the target when treating blood vessels. The yellow wavelength (577 nm) is even more selective, since it is situated at the maximum peak of hemoglobin absorption. The QuadroStarPRO with 532 nm or 577 nm allows the effective treatment of many vascular lesions, such as: •  • Telangiectasia Small port-wine stains • Hemangioma •  Rosacea, spider nevi •  • ...

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