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1717S - 1

Specialist for low-dose X-ray imaging RFA-1717S Wide and Slim Flat Panel Detector for Digital Radiography Easy Installation (cassette size) High Image Quality (IGZO TFT) Efficient Workflow

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1717S - 2

RFA-1717S Wide and Slim Flat Panel Detector for General Radiography Large Format(17x17) IGZO TFT Panel Static for General Radiography Reliable AED function Meeting ISO4090 cassette size(460x460x15mm) Specification Scintillator Sensor Image performance Mechanical Communications Pixel size Pixel Matrix Effective Area Effective Array Spatial Resolution ADC Resolution x-ray voltage Range X-ray Generator Interface Shot Mode Weight Dimensions Wired Sync. Out Port RFA-1717SG RFA-1717SC Gd2O2S:Tb CsI:Tl (Direct) 140um, IGZO TFT switch and a-si Photodiode 3072 x 3072 430.08 x 430.08 mm 426.44 x...

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