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ATMOS® Chair 41 Gyne Gynaecological Patient Chair

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Gynaecological patient chair: ATMOS® Chair 41 Gyne The innovative examination chair that offers the gentle alternative With more sensitivity, flexibility an individuality. ATMOS breathes new life into your surgery: Patient well-being, security and sensitivity It is fully flexible in height with any inclination in any position. That is our interpretation of flexibility and individuality for each patient. We develop concepts that meet your specifications – the chair can quickly and gently be moved into an anatomically optimum examination position at the touch of a button. are not simply...

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Easy to sit down also for older and disabled patients: Electromotive height adjustment from 570 to 900 mm. A minimal access height of 540 mm is obtained by tilting the seat. Functionality: The chair is adaptable to any examination position, whatever the situation. The optionally integrated leg rest is easily brought into the examination area when required and changes the examination chair into a couch. Optimum examination position: The smooth electromotive adjustment allows easy positioning and by the integrated memory function it can quickly be recalled. Quick adjustment: During the...

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The ATMOS® Chair 41 Gyne is adaptable: to your needs and your budget We go to extreme to provide you with freedom of choice. ATMOS® Chair 41 Gyne gives User-friendly and absolutely hygienic, the magnetic head restraint is always in the ideal position. you and your patient freedom of choice. Every human being has a different build. And every surgery and every specialist department requires a unique solution. ATMOS® Chair 41 Gyne can be adapted to these requirements. Variable Precision-adjustable leg plates or leg holders in various versions and colours. You have the choiceof ergonomic leg...

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Exchange could not be easier The paper rolls can be changed easily and quickly for any examination position. Ergonomic and strong Doctor’s foot rest. The generous stainless steel tray gives reliable support for the clinician.

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The all-round carefree package It is possible to accurately adapt the ATMOS® i View to individual requirements. For gynaecologists many features make it a flexible all-round product which possesses superior, comprehensive and high-class technology, the like of which is pioneering in the field of diagnosis. For the easy positioning of the colposcope head, the colposcope arm can be equipped with needle bearings. Apart from the characteristics which facilitate work and the additional modules, we have also paid attention to data processing: many features of the ATMOS® i View serve to ensure...

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Technical Data Technical data ATMOS® Chair 41 Gyne Power supply Rated frequency Trendlenburg position The technical data is valid at the time of printing, subject to change!

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Accessories & Consumables ATMOS® Chair 41 Gyne 1 ATMOS® Chair 41 Gyne Special voltage: 110 V, 115 V,127 V Please state color and required voltage. 1 pair, without cushion ATMOS® Chair 41 Gyne Headrest magnetic pillow Leg support all-cushion 1 pair Leg support stain-less steel, with cushion, foot support plate 1 pair Cushion for leg holders „Goepel Doctors chair Pastel blue Saffron yellow Leaf green Light grey Silk grey Sapphire blue

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Accessories & Consumables furthers Accessories Handles, 1 pair, stainless steel Colposcope holder to be mounted to the left or to the right for ATMOS i View, Kaps and Zeiss Foot rest for the doctor Drainage pan stainless steel Leg rest extendable, width 440 mm (complete length 1970 mm), colour grey Stainless steel secretion basin including add-on kit Extendable, pivot-mounted. Secretion basin is removable. Technical Data: Dimensions (W x H x D): 65 x 325 x 265 mm Included in delivery: add-on kit, stainless steel secretion basin Paper roll for gynaecological examination chair, W = 39 cm, L =...

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ATMOS® Chair 41 Gyne Heandrest magnetic pillow Leg support stainless steel Foot rest fot the doctor Dranainage pan stainless steel

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Ludwig-Kegel-Str. 16 79853 Lenzkirch / Germany Tel: +49 7653 689-374 atmos@atmosmed.de REF P094.1053.1 • 2015-02 Index: 04, Errors and omissions excepted ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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