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Complete solution.

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Easy to connect. Efficient. Comprehensive. In the field of modern ENT medicine, the call for greater process reliability and efficiency is getting louder and louder. ATMOS has responded to this call, and now presents a system solution that contains everything a facility needs for quick, efficient collection of ENT diagnosis results. All the modules can be accessed using a single software interface, and the user can get started straight away – without any delays, interface incompatibilities or restrictions. ATMOS® 360° diagnostics is an expandable modular system comprising interconnecting...

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PATIENT SOFTWARE One program. 100% diagnosis. The efficiency of ENT clinics and practices is largely dependent on how easy it is to carry out the various examination procedures required. In order to give doctors and specialists a solution that allows them to cover all the necessary medical angles while also remaining efficient, ATMOS has come up with a program that brings together all the diagnostic devices and modules in the ATMOS® 360° diagnostics range in one place. Ingeniously simple. Simply ingenious. When a probe is removed, the intelligent probe holder “iHandle” automatically...

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DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT All your diagnostic equipment. From a single source. Audio, OAE, Rhino, Sono, Tymp, caloric irritation: ATMOS® 360° diagnostics offers a comprehensive range of functions for ENT diagnosis. There’s no need for doctors or medical staff to adapt to the ATMOS diagnostic devices or change the way they work. Quite the opposite, in fact: they can adjust the individual functions to suit their own treatment methods. ATMOS® Audiometer This high-quality, 2-channel sound and language audiometer offers a wide range of services: Air conduction/bone conduction/free field High...

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The A-Scan module is the perfect tool for fast maxillary and frontal sinus diagnosis. The rhinomanometry module allows doctors and specialists to conduct anterior measurements using either a nasal breathing mask or nose olives. The tympanometry module with built-in high-tone tympanometry (226, 678 and 1,000 Hz) automatically adjusts its parameters based on the age of the patient. Intuitive controls and simple operation make it easier to conduct a “dry” air-based thermal test on the vestibular organ. Individual, sinus-specific amplification parameters for maxillary and frontal sinuses...

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VISUALISATION SYSTEMS Imaging diagnostics. Without restrictions. Visualisation is part and package of modern ENT diagnosis. This is why ATMOS® 360° diagnostics includes the microscopes, endoscopes, cameras, light sources and stroboscopes that ENT doctors need to review images in perfect quality for their day-to-day work. At the same time, the specialist software ATMOS® Capture Suite can also be used to link patient and measurement data and to save the results of the examination and their documentation. ATMOS® Scope This digital nasal-pharyngo-laryngoscope allows the probe to be inserted...

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ALL-IN-ONE ENT SOLUTION EXAM Rhinomanometry module ATMOS® Rhino 31 For determining nasal breathing resistance ATMOS® Capture Suite Visualisation software for saving, editing and archiving image and video files Intuitive operation and remote control capability Draw up doctoral reports quickly in Word and PDF format Stroboscopy system ATMOS® Strobo 21 LED For vocal fold diagnostics Individual, sinus-specific amplification parameters for maxillary and frontal sinuses Additional amplification curves for cysts, plus general amplification Interface server Thanks to its built-in GDT, HL7 and DICOM...

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