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Developed from the expert: Next generation ENT workstation technology.^* Effective working efficiency. ^^^^

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2 // ATMOS®C 11 Systema C 11 Systema

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ATMOS C 11 Systema - 3

ATMOS ATMOS® C 11 Systema // 3 you, we rethought workstation! As one of the leading experts in fully equipped, high quality ENT workstation systems, we fully appreciate the requirements of ENT clinicians. As a result of this knowledge and experience we have developed the new ATMOS® C 11 Systema. In every ATMOS® C 11 Systema, our understanding of your needs is demonstrated and your experience in achieving optimum patient/doctor workflow is expressed. The little giant – small footprint, high possibilities You can start with a small, inexpensive system but this can grow as your needs develop....

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ATMOS C 11 Systema - 4

The complete upgrade... The optimum space utilisation – ATMOS® C 11 Systema 1 // Microscope The integration of a top quality examination microscope into the treatment unit offers many advantages: stable, vibration-free suspension independence from the nature of the room, also for relocation within the practice/clinic. 2 // Instrument management Your instruments can be conveniently stored and are within easy reach. Up to 2 optional storage levels are available and fulfill the strict hygiene requirements. Additional instrument capacity is available using the integrated drawers below. Optional...

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ATMOS C 11 Systema - 5

5 // Automatic headlight hook The headlight illumination is automatically switched on and off when removed from or placed on the hook. 6 // Mirror quick heater At the touch of a button, conveniently and quickly warm your endoscopes and instruments above the mirror quick heater to prevent misting and maintain a clear view. Includes automatic shutdown function. 7 // Endoscope management Hygienic and optimally adapted to your workflow: The 1-channel endoscope management is designed to assist you in keeping your clean and dirty scopes separated. 8 // Integrated extension table Not enough space?...

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ATMOS C 11 Systema - 6

The basic unit... When sometimes less is more – ATMOS® C 11 Systema 1 // Metal corpus with PU covers and deposit surfaces The metal cabinet of the ATMOS® C 11 Systema is strong and corrosion resistant. Both the metal and PU work surface are smooth with easy to clean surfaces and durable against disinfectant solutions. 2 // Placement area for sprayer bottles Directly integrated into the worktop are three holders for medicament bottles and two holders for ear irrigation bottles. Both are used in conjunction with irrigation and compressed air option. 3 // Holder for handle and hoses Your...

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ATMOS C 11 Systema - 7

6 // Instrument management Instruments and endoscopes placed on the large working surface are within easy reach. 7 // LED power supply The LED power supply offers LED connections for your ATMOS® HL 21 LED headlight and ATMOS® LS 21 LED light handle for connection to endoscopes. The light output has automatic switching for both the headlight and light handle. 8 // Supports for endoscope quivers The ergonomic arrangement of the storage quivers allows you to clearly separate clean and used endoscopes. 9 // Powerful suction pump ATMOS® has a global reputation for high quality, innovative and...

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ATMOS C 11 Systema - 8

8 // Basic Units Systema ATMOS C 11 Basic units Basic unit “sitting” Basic unit “standing” The ATMOS® C 11 Systema ENT treatment unit is manufactured from strong, durable, corrosion-resistant metal. Through careful design and the use of metal and PU materials, the ATMOS® C 11 Systema has smooth, easy to clean surfaces which are durable against heavy usage and disinfectant solutions. The upper working surface can hold four large instrument trays (284 x 184 mm). Integrated into the unit below is one small drawer and large drawers for storage of instruments and consumables. The basic unit...

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ATMOS C 11 Systema - 9

ATMOS C 11 Systema Options & Accessories // 9 Options & Accessories Suction System, Secretion management Suction system for 1 ATMOS® DDS secretion canister (incl. 1.5 l secretion canister) Support for two ATMOS DDS secretion canisters (switchable) Max. canister volume of 6 l, easy to switch with lever Included in delivery: 1 x 3 l secretion canister, 1 x 1,5 l secretion canister ATMOS® DDS secretion canister 1,5 l ATMOS® DDS secretion canister, 3 l Appliance for disposable secretion management Receptal® For using 1 l Receptal® suction bags hidden in the service compartment. Included in...

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ATMOS C 11 Systema - 10

10 // ATMOS C Accessories Options & 11 Systema Options & Accessories Medication sprayers Replacement nozzle tube with union nut for straight sprayer Replacement nozzle tube for sprayer with directional nozzle (360° twistable) Spare hose for sprayer bottle after change of medication Ear irrigation module compressed air Warm water irrigation device for connection to the compressed air system. The water canister is heated to body temperature and provides 250 ml of water for ear irrigation (to be filled with sterile water). Ear irrigation by means of the nozzle attachment with splash protection...

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ATMOS C 11 Systema - 11

Options & Accessories // 11 ATMOS C 11 Systema Options & Accessories Management of instruments and equipment Serrated instrument holder, small For controlled storage of instruments on small trays. Serrated instrument holder, large For controlled storage of instruments on large trays. Holder for ear specula / Ploitzer olives (in a small tray) For controlled storage of ear specula on small instrument trays. Please note: Instrument trays (508.0058.0 or 508.0058.2) are not included in delivery. These must be ordered separately. Upgrade options Lacquered storage shelf small (metal) dimensions:...

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ATMOS C 11 Systema - 12

12 // ATMOS C Accessories Options & 11 Systema Options & Accessories Light Cube LED cold light module 1-channel illumination module integrated in the ATMOS® C 11 Systema for light systems based on light conductors with warm white high-performance LED. Characteristics: - 1-channel high-performance LED light source for light conductor - automatic light control - adapter for light conductor available with the following connections: Storz, Wolf, Pentax, Olympus, ACMI Technical Data: Brightness light source: min. 100 klx (comparable to 150 W Halogen), Service life LED light source: 50,000 h,...

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