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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 1

Safe, time saving and mobile! ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage Made in Black Forest

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 2

Cardiothoracic Drainage During day-to-day work in clinics, we come across a variety of medical indications that require therapy in the form of cardiothoracic drainage. ATMOS offers digital cardiothoracic drainages that guarantee safe therapy after surgical procedures in the thorax, during emergency care and intensive care, and in the cardiosurgical field. ATMOS offers the right solution for every application!

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 3

Increased safety for patient and care Controlled drainage – conventional systems regulate the vacuum in the device, not on the patient’s side No siphon effect due to patient´s side, precise vacuum measurement and automatic hose rinsing function Automatic warning messages in potentially dangerous situations Independently controlled drainage during patient transport Simple, intuitive operating concept Improved comfort for patients Unrestricted mobility thanks to portable systems – no dependence on a wall-mounted suction system Greater patient satisfaction Low-noise – no loud bubbling as in...

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 4

ATMOS® C 051 Thorax The compact and light ATMOS® C 051 Thorax is used for patients with air leaks, pleural effusions and during surgical opening of the thorax in thoracic surgery and in pneumology. Thanks to the battery-operated device and its flexible carrying and positioning options, patients can regain unrestricted mobility sooner.

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 5

Supports earlier patient mobility Simple, intuitive operating concept Therapy data at first glance readable on the front display Quicker patient recovery is supported by helping them regain mobility sooner. Reduced care efforts for nurses thanks to intuitive, rapid operation of the system. Rapid evaluation of the clinical situation thanks to immediate identification of therapy data on the front display. Easy operation Overview / Indications Therapy data

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 6

Secretion canister 800 ml For smaller quantities of secretion and for mobile patients, the secretion canister for the ATMOS® C 051 Thorax enables flexible use and easy evaluation of the accumulated secretion.

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 7

Clear view of nature and colour of secretion Avoids rapid blockage of the bacterial filter Straight hose connection to prevent blockages Unambiguous clinical evaluation of the nature and colour of the secretion, thanks to fully transparent secretion canister. Clear view Secretion canister Secretion canister 800 ml 800 ml Avoids blockages of the bacterial filter, thereby reducing the need to change secretion canisters for mobile patients, thanks to two chambers for secretion. Avoids blockages at the connecting point between the hose and secretion canister thanks to straight,...

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 8

ATMOS® S 201 Thorax The powerful ATMOS® S 201 Thorax is the ideal solution for cardiothoracic drainage patients in cardiac and thoracic surgery. Particularly for patients with large air leaks and large, viscous quantities of fluids, the ATMOS® S 201 Thorax offers an optimised cardiothoracic drainage therapy. There is a high degree of safety, thanks to the especially rapid, controlled vacuum build-up of the suction prescribed by the doctor. This is essential, above all in critical situations, such as when draining a haematoma or in the event of strong coagulation.

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 9

Universally usable for all indications Clinical decisions made on the basis of objective therapy data Support for documentation Particularly for special patient indications, this allrounder is an ideal solution for efficient cardiothoracic drainage therapy. Secure decisions thanks to objective therapy data in real time and on a historical graph covering up to 12 days. Easy further processing of the exported therapy data is possible in patient documentation, studies, etc. Therapy data Overview / Indications Medical record

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 10

Secretion canister 2,000 ml For patient indications with very high amounts of secretion and the use of large rinsing quantities to clean the pleural cavity, this large secretion canister volume is an ideal solution.

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 11

Clear view of nature and colour of secretion Brief gravity drainage, e.g. for MRI examinations Flexible attachment possibilities for ATMOS® S 201 Thorax Unambiguous clinical evaluation of the nature and colour of the secretion, thanks to fully transparent secretion canister. By means of the optional water lock, brief gravity drainage is possible, e.g. for MRI examinations. Flexible attachment options for the device thanks to extra-long, double lumen hose system. Clear view S 201 Thorax Secretion canister Secretion canister 2,000 ml 2,000 ml Gravity drainage Overview / Indications Hose system

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 12

Overview ATMOS® S 201 Thorax Freely adjustable vacuum setting -5 to -100 mbar, in steps of -1 mbar -5 to -100 mbar, in steps of -1 mbar Digital gravity drainage mode at -5 mbar Gravity drainage Digital gravity drainage mode at -5 mbar Brief gravity drainage with 2,000 ml secretion canister and filled water lock possible Battery operation Graphical long time display Graphical short time display 30 seconds in real time 30 seconds in real time Colour display with touchscreen Night mode Reading out the therapy data PDF and Excel report via USB flash drive PDF and Excel report via USB flash...

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 13

Indications Thoracic surgery and pneumology General, intensive and emergency care Cardiac surgery Postoperative (e.g. lobectomy, wedge resection) Pneumothorax Tension pneumothorax Haematothorax Pleural effusion Pleural empyema Chylothorax Haemopneumothorax Pneumothorax Tension pneumothorax Haematothorax Pleural effusion Oesophagus rupture or perforation Interventions in the thoracic spine (e.g scoliosis, spondylodesis) Coronary surgery Valvular surgery Combined coronary and valvular intervent

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 14

Surgical Suction Vacuum Extraction Wound Drainage Cardiothoracic Drainage Oxygen Supply 14

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ATMOS® Cardiothoracic Drainage - 15

Bronchial Suction Smoke Evacuation Product Range Mobile Oxygen Supply For more information about the entire product range “ATMOS® Medical Suction Systems” visit:

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