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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 3

ATMOS Aqua clean water separation and decontamination system Prevents limescale and biofilm formation ENT treatment unit with integrated water supply for ear irrigation ATMOS compressed air ear irrigation module For hygienic ear irrigation with the compressed air handle ATMOS Green & Clean surface disinfectant Effective, quick and gentle disinfection of all ATMOS products ^, ATMOS Aqua clean water separation and decontamination system ATMOS Green & Clean WK decontaminant with anti-scaling agent (for ATMOS Aqua clean) 6 2 ATMOS C 31 ENT treatment unit with integrated water supply for ear...

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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 4

H yg iene a ll a rou n d th e E N T w o r k s tati o n Hygiene is a key issue which has been rapidly gaining in prominence over the past few years and is now more important than ever.The large number of patients treated on a daily basis, as well as the nature of a doctor’s job per se, demand a strict and consistent hygiene regimen. The doctor’s responsibility vis-a-vis his staff, his patients, and himself requires the use of highly efficient cleaning agents and disinfectants. EN 1717: protection of drinking water against contamination In the larger context of hygiene measures at ENT...

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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 5

W hat p ro blems ex ist ? Regulation EN 1717! Documentation required regarding reprocessing Bacterial contamination of the surfaces Bacterial contamination of the instruments

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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 6

1- ATMOS Aqua clean water separation and decontaminat and matching ATMOS Green & Clean WK with protectio Fullfils the DVGW guidelines Three functions in one unit ■ separation from open water supply system (protection against retrograde microbia ■ decontamination of water for ear irrigation ■ protection of pipeline systems against limescale ATMOS Aqua clean ATMOS Aqua clean water separation With irrigation and stimulation devices (Hygro- therm/Variotherm) connected directly to the public jf. * water supply system, the integrated "free fall distance" of ATMOS Aqua clean provides the legally A...

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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 7

tion system n against calcination ATMOS Green & Clean WK Decontamination In addition to water separation, ATMOS Aqua clean enables cleaning and decontamination of mains water and all water-bearing tubing systems by means of the ATMOS Green & Clean WK disinfectant, which has been developed specifically for this purpose. The decontamination agent ATMOS Green & Clean WK, a concentrate based on hydrogen peroxide, is very well suited for continuous reduction of microbial loads in mains water. It stands out by its optimum disinfectant properties and high material compatibility. The use of ATMOS...

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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 8

Protection against limescale Wherever water is exposed to alkaline substances, where it is heated, evaporated or agitated, the lime dissolved in the water can precipitate in crystals, which subsequently form deposits on the interior walls of water-bearing pipeline or tubing systems. Thus, sooner or later, the water system will be clogged up. this lime complexing process has been established up to a water hardness level of 32°dH. ATMOS Aqua clean is the perfect solution for providing efficient yet gentle protection of your treatment unit against limescale and microbial contamination. At the...

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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 9

Technical data Voltage: Permissible water pressure: 1–6 bar Permissible air pressure: Operating pressure (water): Disinfectant: ATMOS Green & Clean WK (hydrogen peroxide, 2 % solution) Mixing ratio: 1:85 (standard setting) 1:42 (intensive decontamination) Working solution: ATMOS Aqua clean is available as an upgrade option for all ENT units! It is recommended to have the ATMOS-Service run an intensive decontamination and deliming cycle prior to installation of the treatment unit in order to remove any existing microbial contamination and limescale deposits and ensure full efficiency of the...

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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 10

2. ATMOS C 31 – EN 1717 compliant ENT workstation without water separation system ATMOS C 31 The ATMOS C 31 is a complete ENT treatment unit from the product range of ATMOS MedizinTechnik. It is the perfect solution for an optimum space-saving design of your workstation, with all essential application modules available at your fingertips. A particularly important feature with regard to workplace hygiene is the integrated water supply, which makes you completely independent of access to the public water supply system for ear irrigation procedures. The water to be used for ear irrigation is...

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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 11

3. Compressed air ear irrigation module – the safe minimum solution ATMOS compressed air ear irrigation module The compressed air ear irrigation module is the optimum hygiene solution when ear irrigation is used only occasionally or at more or less infrequent intervals. The ATMOS compressed air ear irrigation module makes you completely independent of any water supply system, and the application by use of compressed air ensures a maximum of safety and hygiene. The module consists of an irrigation bottle, which is attached to the compressed air handle in a similar fashion as for application...

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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 12

4. ATMOS Green & Clean SK surface disinfectant and matching ATMOS Green & Clean MK disinfectant and cleaning wipes An adequate modality for disinfection and cleaning of sensitive surfaces must have a variety of specific properties: in addition to an intensive cleaning effect, efficient disinfection is also of particular importance, while the material surfaces must not be damaged in the process. Furthermore, the disinfection procedure must be quick and easy to perform, as usually no allowances can be made for long exposure times. Also, the products should be listed by the VAH (German...

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ATMOS Hygiene Program - 13

ATMOS Green &Clean SK (disinfectant and cleaning foam) gentle, conditioning disinfectant and cleaning foam extremely short exposure time (60 seconds) road spectrum of activity: specifically virucidal b against HBV/HIV/HCV/H1N1, bactericidal, fungicidal emanence effect is ensured (prevents immediate recontamination r with airborne microorganisms) alcohol-free aldehyde-, phenol-, and phosphate-free state-of-the-art combination of active ingredients: quaternary ammonium compounds no aerosol formation pleasant, mild odour pH-neutral biodegradable in accordance with EEC Directive 84/449 VAH/DGHM...

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