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ATMOS® i View PRO - 1

Welcome to the world of microscopy ATMOS® i View PRO For middle ear surgery

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ATMOS® i View PRO - 2

A pioneering achievement ” The ATMOS® i View PRO represents a new generation of microscopes. International experts confirm that we have met the needs of demanding surgeon. " The best CEO Peter Greiser had the idea of revolutionising the world of ENT microscopy. His development goal: a new dimension of vision. A microscope for ENT specialists setting new standards in terms of usability and image quality. So Peter Greiser created a team of his best people and an optics expert from Wetzlar to make history. A story, which focuses on the "ATMOS® i View Pro". During the device's first...

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ATMOS® i View PRO - 3

The new dimension ofSafety in detail Prof. Dr. Joachim Muller Senior Physician at the Cochlear Implant Centre and the Polyclinic for Otorhinolaryngology at Munich University Hospital: ^...remoteareas of the middle ear can be inspected quicklyand adaptations are possible according to changing operational situations. The ATMOS® i View PRO has proven itself during difficult procedures such as stirrupoperations, stapes revisions and CI procedures. ^ safe detailed vision We listened carefully to surgeons who said that they could only go as far as their vision allowed in the operative field....

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ATMOS® i View PRO - 4

Atmos Atmos Brilliant performance in the operating room Fanless integrated cold light LED lighting . So the light always follows the viewing direction. Excellent illumination up to 120 klux. Realistic image using patented colour correction. No thermal load on the patient's tissue, no annoying fan noise. Large exit pupil Perfect three-dimensional perception and comfortable, fatigue-free working. Eyepieces with other enlargements available as an option Scale display Dimension scale in any magnification setting . Displayed on the 3D image and all camera images for precise documentation. Safe...

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ATMOS® i View PRO - 5

Keep a Cool Head Pat The new "cold light" - The Turbo LED Optimised lighting quality We used a single meaningful light source in the development: LED. ATMOS has been using LEDs for years. Integrated, confocal LED lighting is at the heart of our new development. We were able to draw on experience with our headlamps, our endoscopic light sources and our camera visualisation. LED lighting offers a number of advantages: the light is very bright but the patient's tissue is not thermally stressed. During the operation, full lighting can be used without limitation. No fan noise interferes with...

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ATMOS® i View PRO - 6

Depth PLUS ®For better vision Prim. Dr. Wolfgang Elsasser Chief Physician at Feldkirch State Hospital, Austria, at the CI Congress in Munich: ^With this microscope I noticed the brightness and extreme depth-that I haven't found with other microscopes. This depth reminds me of 3D glasses but I have never experienced it in microscopes. This is the q uality that I want for my operations. 66 While conventional microscopes (!) always need to be refocused when changing the viewing plane, the ATMOS® i View PRO (2) has an unparalleled large depth of field The new dimension of vision For the ATMOS®...

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ATMOS® i View PRO - 7

The designers of ATMOS have found a way for the instrument to be guided and positioned manually without a magnetic brake. Because it is about detail Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt Managing Chief Physician of the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic, Deputy Section Head at the Implant Centre at University Hospital Freiburg: This increases safety and saves time. The Black Forest perfectionists developed the idea of suspending the microscope. All movements are smooth with no disturbing jerking. The ATMOS® i View PRO is easy to use and the threedimensional image impression is excellent. The construction of the...

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ATMOS® i View PRO - 8

My i Viewequipment options for even better vision Align the i View PRO at your working distance. Lenses available in the focal lengths of 200, 250, 300, 400 mm. With the varifocal lenses 200-350 mm, it is easy to change procedures without making adjustments. With the wide field eyepieces 10 x and 16 x you can use your i View PRO with your usual viewing settings. Document your work with the best quality. The optional integrated HD camera provides surgical images in full HD resolution. A single press on the panel is sufficient. An adapter is available for documentation with Sony...

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ATMOS® i View PRO - 9

Precision workFrom the Black Forest Made in Germany The ATMOS® i View PRO is a complex instrument. The appropriate task for perfectionists from the High Black Forest. The people here always had a keen eye for delicate work and focus. It takes the specialists up to 16 hours to mount an ATMOS® i View PRO device. The best experts from the mechanics, optics and electronics sector are part of the ATMOS® i View PRO production team. Each of them has a lot of experience of manufacturing medical devices, enthusiasm for the product and a strong quality awareness. At ATMOS we leave nothing to chance....

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ATMOS® i View PRO - 10

ATMOS Strobo 21 LED strobe light for voice diagnostics with LED technology For a better life - Safe & Intuitive ATMOS® i View 21ENT examination microscope with LED technology Enhancement stage LS 21 LED with Warm Light LED and multiple light output The process through which the impressive depth of field is obtained the result of the latest ATMOS patent. ATMOS S 031 Thorax the world's first electronically controlled, mobile pleural sucker ATMOS HL21 LED battery-powered headlight with LED Technology The first so-called "Suction, pressure and hot air apparatus" for medical purposes is...

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ATMOS® i View PRO - 11

ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG Ludwig-Kegel-Str. 16 79853 Lenzkirch / Germany Tel: +49 7653 689-0 P094.0561.1 • 2015-010 Index: 03, Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten

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