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Top-class drainage/ surgical suction device ATMOS® S 351 THE THINKING SUCTION SYSTEM

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ATMOS® S 351 What are your basic requirements with regard to a suction system in the operating theatre? Considerable demands are made with regard to the reliability of medical technology especially in critical operating situations. During your daily work you are exposed to a noise level, which should not be underestimated – you do not need a rise in noise level due to the suction device employed in this connection! In support of this ATMOS has a suction unit in that range which meets the following requirements:  Absolutely stable vacuum due to processor controlled regulation automatism...

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ATMOS® S 351 - 3

Intermittent and constant suction for OT, endoscopy and drainage applications Safety jar ensures no damage is caused by oversucking Safety jar without filter REF 444.0646.0 Safety jar with filter REF 444.0646.1 Display showing desired/actual vacuum choice of mbar, mmHg oder kpa Processor-controlled automatic control system Simple and rapid vacuum preselection at the touch of a button, no loss of air, unlike mechanical vacuum controllers

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ATMOS® S 351 - 4

ATMOS® S 351 — The thinking suction system Automatic suction  In the auto standby the ATMOS® S 351 checks every 5 seconds whether a vacuum can be built up. Once liquid is detected, the suction starts automatically. The selected target vacuum will be built up.  When no liquid is detected for 30 seconds and the unit suchs air, the pump switches to standby. Long life time and less noise disturbance are the result! Intermittent function The ATMOS S 351 offers a particularly convenient intermittent function, as the 4 phases can be adjusted individually. Phase 1: Soft start-up to a target vacuum...

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ATMOS® S 351 - 5

Technical Data Noise level: 300 x 330 x 200 mm, without trolley; 840 x 490 x 520 mm, with trolley 10.2 kg, without secretion jar, without trolley; / with trolley: 24.7 kg protection category: IPX0; protection class: I; degree of protection: type B, class: IIa (acc. to appendix IX dirctive 93/42 EEC) Air flow rate of pump:

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ATMOS® S 351 - 8

ATMOS® S 351 OT basic unit 1.5 l canister (Glas) ATMOS® S 351 OT set with 2 x 3 l canister (Glas) Included in delivery: basic unit, trolley, mains cable, operating instructions, safety canister 250 ml, set with 2 x 3 l canister (Glas) incl. lid and double socket nipple, hydrophobic bacterial filter, hose holder, hose Ø 10 mm, L = 2 m, hose Ø 6 mm, L = 1.3 m Microprocessor-controlled suction unit with graphic-LCD-display, automatic vacuum control, standby automatic, filling level control with automatic switching off, suction adherence detection and intermittence for protecting delicate tissue...

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ATMOS® S 351 - 10

Double socket nipple consisting of double socket nipple and hose reduction Graduated secretion canister 1.5 l Height 192 mm, external Ø 115 mm Graduated secretion canister 3 l Height 247 mm, Ø 145 mm Secretion canister lid incl. standard rail holder with overflow electrode and splash protection Graduated secretion canister 5 l Height 302 mm, Ø 169 mm

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ATMOS® S 351 - 12

Safety canister 250 ml, for condensed water Safety canister 250 ml with integrated DDS-bacterial filter / overflow stop, incl. adapter for arthroscopy (Shaver, Lavagen), oral and maxillofacial surgery, liposuction etc. Trolley with antistatic castors Trolley on 4 castors, self-assembly Attention: Trolley and small suction units cannot be screwed up in standard version! If required, we will deliver a special design of the suction unit. Standard rail support For disposable system Medi-Vac® 1 l, 1.5 l Foot controller electrical, water-proof IPX 8, AP-protected

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ATMOS® S 351 - 14

Suction hose, silicone, Ø 10 mm, L= 2m, 1 pc mperature-resistant up to 200 °C Suction hose, silicone, Ø 6 mm, L = 1.30 m, 1 pc. single packed, temperature-resistant up to 200 °C Bacterial filter for DDS secretion canister, 10 pcs. disposable, not autoclavable, For hygienic reasons a weekly exchange is recommended. In case of contamination or new patient the filter must immediately be replaced Bacterial filter disposable, not autoclavable, change: 1 x per patient Suction hose, disposable, Ø 6 mm, L = 2.10 m, 50 pcs. Change: 1 x per patient Bacterial filter FFG - hydrophobic

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ATMOS® S 351 - 16

Ludwig-Kegel-Str. 16 79853 Lenzkirch / Germany Tel: +49 7653 689-374 ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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