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ATMOS We don’t do anything else. But we do it dierently. The combination makes it special Development always stands for progress. This applies for thoracic drainage systems which have evolved from simple bottle systems into complex devices. We have been part of this progress since the development of the rst digital thoracic drainage unit - ATMOS® S 031 Thorax - in the year 2003. We have made it our aim to reduce the complexity of the device into the simplicity in operation. Thus we are convinced to support you in achieving the best possible therapy results. Our complete product portfolio...

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“ The option of having the water chamber with the ATMOS S 201 Thorax system allows the experienced nurse and surgeon to blend the two systems (analog and digital) together, and help them understand the concept of quantifying the size of an air leak digitally and visually with the bubbles.” “The 12 day graphing system displays the patient’s therapy minute by minute due to the device’s real time ow. Because of the real time ow and the sensitivity of this system, I was able to see the patient’s tidaling (max. ow/min. ow) on the graph by watching the increase and decrease of the ow line during...

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Are these problems familiar? Problems The risky siphon eect When the drainage hose is sagging, secretion accumulates at the lowest point, and cannot be suctioned by a conventional thoracic drainage system. The hereby arising secretion column decreases the vacuum at the patient. With every cm secretion column the vacuum is lowered by 1 mbar! Result: Even at -20 mbar in the secretion canister, it could be possible that there is no vacuum at the patient. Therefore the therapy won´t show the desired result. Secretion hose blocked because of coagulation Especially after cardiac surgery there is...

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We know the solution! The ATMOS solution The elaborate ATMOS measuring & hose rinsing system ATMOS drainage systems work with a double lumen hose system. The larger lumen transports air and secretion from the drainage to the secretion canister, as conventional systems do. The smaller lumen is the rinsing and measuring hose. Measuring function The hose is connected to the sensor of the drainage unit. Siphons, coagulum or other blockages in the drainage hose have no inuence on the measurement result. The pump aggregate can regulate the suction accurately in order to reach the target value in...

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Are these problems familiar? Problems Insucient information of the actual therapy process With the use of conventional systems the only way to get information regarding the therapy progress is to interpret the bubbles, observe the secretion hose and order expensive x-rays. Result: Due to this process high costs arise and the right point of time to remove the drain can only be determined imprecisely. Complex manuel documentation of the healing process Conventionel systems do not oer automatic documentation of the healing process. Result: The documentation must be done manually by the nurses....

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We know the solution! The ATMOS solution Digital storage of measured values ATMOS drainage systems have a complex sensor technology and an elaborate data analysis. In the display the target vacuum and the current ow value are displayed digitally. With the ATMOS® S / E 201 Thorax the current vacuum value is also displayed. The ATMOS® C 051 & S 201 Thorax also oer a scalable ow progress display and the possibility to export the data to the computer for backup and processing. Battery operated, adjustable suction system creates mobility and safety ATMOS thoracic drainage systems are fully...

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The all-round carefree package With the thoracic drainage systems from ATMOS you will always have the perfect companion for clinical everyday life at your disposal. These systems oer you the possibility for a complete documentation of the vacuum and ow trends from the OT to the removal of the drain. Therefore the focus is enhanced on patients´safety and the greatly improved therapy results. The reliable alarm system reduces the care eorts which benets both patients and nursing sta . Due to the ATMOS measuring hose system the vacuum values are measured directly at the patient. The siphon...

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ATMOS® S / E 201 Thorax – Drainage units for every need There are a lot of reasons why a thoracic drainage is indispensable. If you are looking for a drainage unit which will give you excellent results from the ambulance to emergency medicine, to cardiac surgery intensive care medicine then the ATMOS® S & E 201 Thorax are the perfect solution for you.

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Mobile & exible Up to 12 hours of battery operation. Can be plugged in with any JEC connector. The 360° adjustable universal bracket allows for the connection to e.g. wheelchairs, beds and infusion holders. Carrying straps for the basic device and secretion canisters are also available Therapy process control On the main display of the device the target vacuum, the current ow rate and the vacuum are displayed as a numerical value. The water lock which is integrated into the secretion canister oers the possibility to interpret the ow rate via the classic bubble method. The ATMOS® S 201...

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The small marvel… ATMOS® C 051 Thorax Mobile & exible Up to 12 hours of battery operation. With only 1.3 kg dead weight, an ergonomic design and a comfortable carrying strap this system is perfect for the fast mobilization of the patient. The optional 360° adjustable universal bracket allows for the connection to wheelchairs, beds and infusion holders Touchscreen The ATMOS® C 051 Thorax uses a touchscreen as an input interface. As a result it was possible to create even simpler icons and to arrange the buttons in an easier and more user-friendly way. Gravity drainage The active suction can...

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Therapy progress control On the main display of the device the target vacuum and the current ow rates are displayed as a numerical value. The possibility to display the therapy progress as a graph over the last 12 days is additionally given. This data can also be exported via a USB cable for further processing. Automatic night mode The display of the ATMOS® C 051 Thorax includes a night mode for reduced brightness. A light sensor automatically measures the light in the room and then switches to the night mode.

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