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ATMOS® Surgical Suction Made in Black Forest

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Surgical Suction Surgical suction units are used during and after operations to remove surgical fluids, tissue, gases and bodily fluids. During a surgical procedure, it is important to guarantee that fluids can be removed quickly and reliably at all times. This ensures that the doctor has an unobstructed view of the operating area, and that the patient’s welfare is not endangered. Long operations that produce large volumes of fluids require a system that performs suction as quickly and quietly as possible. In addition to this, the perfect surgical suction unit must also be sturdy and...

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Simple, intuitive operation Integration made easy – disposable and reusable secretion canisters can be attached quickly with just a few simple steps Simple vacuum control with customisable vacuum settings Convenient operation – can be switched on and off by foot or by hand Maximum reliability Fast vacuum build-up and high suction power keep the operation area unobstructed Continuous suction; functions remain available in any situation Runs quiet as a whisper, making work pleasant and allowing you to concentrate on the operation Maximum hygiene convenience Maximum protection against...

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C 361 - 4

MEDAP TWISTA SP 1070 The TWISTA SP 1070 is an extra-powerful surgical suction unit that has been specially designed for continuous use during operations. It uses vacuum suction to quickly and quietly remove even high volumes of secretions, blood and serous liquids, including any particles they contain, and can keep running over prolonged periods.

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C 361 - 5

Modular oversuction protection for maximum flexibility Additional bacterial filter on air outlet Two device rails for up to four secretion canisters TWISTA SP 1070 TWISTA SP 1070 Modular oversuction protection Depending on what oversuction protection is already provided in the secretion canister, the suction unit can be operated either without separate over suction protection or with modular oversuction protection that is configured to suit the user’s individual needs. Additional bacterial filter In addition to the oversuction protection, the TWISTA SP 1070 also comes equipped with a...

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C 361 - 6

ATMOS® Record 55 With its suction power and high maximum vacuum, the ATMOS® Record 55 is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications in the operating theatre – whenever extremely quiet suction removal over long periods of time is required for secretions, blood and serous liquids. Wherever you need to keep a quiet, robust and powerful surgical suction unit at hand the ATMOS® Record 55 is the perfect soluti

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C 361 - 7

Simple and intuitive operation Extremely quiet User-friendly secretion canister management TWISTA SP 1070 Intuitive operation Quick and intuitive operation makes the surgical suction unit easy to use. It offers the perfect working height and an individually adjustable vacuum, making it easy to use even in stressful situations. Extremely quiet It runs quiet as a whisper, making work pleasant and allowing you to concentrate on the operation – especially important during longer operations. Easy to use The intuitive operation and hygienic, user-friendly secretion canister management system make...

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C 361 - 8

ATMOS® S 351 OT It’s a familiar situation: especially when performing critical operations, it is hugely important for the surgical team to be able to focus on their work and rely on the products in the operating theatre. All extraneous noise must be avoided so that the team can concentrate on what’s important. Apart from this, sensitive tissues need to be handled extremely delicately. In such situations, it is essential that the team is able to control the vacuum. The ATMOS® S 351 OT intelligent surgical suction unit offers a number of impressive features: an automatic standby mode, a guard...

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C 361 - 9

Automatic vacuum control Low noise emissions Automatic level sensing TWISTA SP 1070 Precise vacuum adjustment Set the required vacuum quickly and easily in mbar, mmHg or kPa, at the push of a button. The device automatically switches the pump off when the target vacuum is reached, then maintains the vacuum level. Almost completely noiseless In automatic standby mode, the ATMOS® S 351 OT checks whether the vacuum can be built up again every 5 seconds. Suction begins automatically when liquid is sucked into the unit. Greater safety Automatic warnings enable the user to react quickly to...

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C 361 - 10

MEDAP BORA UP 2080 The BORA UP 2080 is an all-round specialist for clinics and licensed medical practices. It is equipped to deal with a wide variety of requirements in the operating theatre and the intensive care unit. The handy, compact universal suction unit evacuates large volumes of blood and serous liquids quickly and reliably. The versatile BORA UP 2080 can be trolley-mounted, attached to the platform of a ceiling-mounted supply unit, or fitted onto a device rail.

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C 361 - 11

Suitable for universal use Simple and intuitive operation Additional bacterial filter on air outlet TWISTA SP 1070 Versatile A large handle makes the unit easy to transport. Two built-in supports make mounting on device rails quick and easy. Easy operation The unit is easy to handle thanks to its individually adjustable vacuum, clearly legible vacuum gauge with large display, and the perfect working height for the user. Additional bacterial filter In addition to its oversuction protection, the BORA UP 2080 also comes equipped with a high-performance bacterial filter at the air outlet, which...

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C 361 - 12

ATMOS® C 451 / C 361 One of the most important requirements when removing blood and other fluids using suction is a device that can offer high suction power from the moment it is switched on. Its extremely powerful pump makes the ATMOS® C 451 a highly versatile surgical suction unit, especially for suction applications in the operating theatre, surgical intensive care and the general ward, emergency treatment cases, OMS surgery, and doctors’ and dentists’ practices. When it comes to suction applications that require less power, the ATMOS® C 361 is the perfect choice. The handy, compact...

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