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Table of contents ATMOS treatment units ATMOS C 11 Systema Effective working efficiency. Functional ENT workstations with ergonomics and design ATMOS patient & doctor´s chairs Otology, rhinology, adenoidec tracheo- tonsillectomy Ergonomic seat and treatment comfort for the Patient chair ATMOS Chair 31 P / Chair 21 P The modern, functional patient chair Symbols Helpful information DVD available on this topic

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Thermal stimulation page 126 - 144 ATMOS Diagnostic Cube ATMOS Variotherm / Hygrotherm Nystagmus stimulation ATMOS Varioair When precision counts! ATMOS ENT status center The optimum workow in the ENT visualisation Maximum light performance and innovative LED technology Improved image quality and a new design Good reasons to use ATMOS endoscopes DVD available on this topic

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Table of contents Visualisation ATMOS LED Light Cube High power LED with daylight quality! Visualisation and documentation of diagnostic results ATMOS endoscopy / stroboscopy systems Innovation right before your eyes – Unlimited mobility! Radiofrequency surgery for: snore therapy tonsilectomy coagulation The microscope with the perfect system for Cutting and coagulating with high-frequency surgery DVD available on this topic

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Service & Further Information Service products ATMOS Partners worldwide Measuring and test equipment Around the globe. Around the clock. Anytime. Facts and figures about ATMOS ATMOS Academy For the perfect operation of your treatment unit Training courses around the world. ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG Ludwig-Kegel-Str. 12, 14-16, 18 n 79853 Lenzkirch/Germany Phone +49 7653 689-374 n Fax +49 7653 68986-374 ENT@atmosmed.com n www.atmosmed.com DVD available on this topic

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treatment units ENT Treatment units – Innovation out of tradition Already since the end of the sixties, ATMOS MedizinTechnik has been developing, producing and selling ENT therapy and treatment units. It began with the ATMOS Therapy pillar “Harzburg”. Immediately followed by the launch of the model “SERVANT” which is successful until today. The generation from thence has been consequently refined. ATMOS is known for offering to each demand/request/requirement and each budget an optimal and innovative combination/ solution. And that all over the world! Choose between the following models:...

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This presentation film is a ‘must’ for anyone who has been entrusted with the task of planning and purchasing a new ENT workstation … To request a free copy of the new ATMOS S61 Servant DVD please contact us or download a copy from our website: www.atmosmed.com ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co KG Tel: + 49 7653 689-374 Fax: + 49 7653 68986-374 ENT@atmosmed.com

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treatment units | ATMOS S 61 Servant ATMOS S 61 Servant The special features of the ATMOS S 61 Servant We have been certified acc. to

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Design Your patients should feel comfortable in your practice. An appealing design and a wide choice of colours create a pleasant surrounding. Ergonomics With the modular configuration, all the important functions and diagnostic equipment are arranged to provide perfect ergonomic working conditions. Price performance We have made it possible for you to select only the functions you really need - this will ensure you stay within your budget and get the treatment unit you need. Mobility With the addition of castors at the rear of the system, the workstation can be easily relocated or...

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treatment units | ATMOS S 61 Servant ATMOS S 61 Servant The modular system – An innovation to suit every room and every budget Standard colour Standard colour: ocean (RAL 5005 signal blue) Further colours sapphire (RAL 5003 terra (RAL 2001 sapphire blue) red-orange) coco (RAL 1015 light ivory) apple (RAL 6019 basic (RAL 7046 grey 2) white-green)

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ATMOS S 61 Servant – Definitely a good decision! You know exactly which services you would like to offer your patients but your budget is limited. The modularity of the ATMOS S 61 Servant enables the perfect configuration of your treatment unit. The amount of space in the ENT outpatient department is becoming increasingly limited. However, you do not want to limit your treatment possibilities. The modular concept of the ATMOS S 61 Servant guarantees the perfect use of space. You established an individual treatment method and now you need an individual positioning of the different functions...

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| ATMOS treatment units | ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation Kopie von ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation The key element The ENT workstation reduced to the essential. suction system ear irrigation / thermal nystagmus stimulation compressed air light module / economy instrument management supply modules ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation (230 V) Basic ENT treatment unit for modular configuration of ▪ Suction equipment, ▪ Ear irrigation, ▪ Compressed air system, ▪ and LED light system. Standard colour: Ocean (RAL 5005, signal blue) Characteristics: Sturdy...

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Suction equipment REF The suction equipment of the ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation can be adapted individually to your requirements and ambient conditions: Suction pumps are available in two performance classes (standard/professional), or if available you can use the central vacuum supply in your clinic. Due to the DDS (Direct-Docking-System), the secretion collection container of the ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation is easy to be exchanged and easy to clean, especially in combination with the optionally automatic hygiene module. This module enables an easy cleaning of the complete...

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| ATMOS treatment units | Options for suction equipment Options for suction equipment REF ➀ Control and display of suction performance ❁ 530.1040.0 Characteristics: Display of negative pressure (vacuum gauge) and control of suction performance with rotational dial on the front control panel. ❁ 530.1050.0 ➁ Manual hose rinsing (hygiene module) with manual filling of the water storage canister. Characteristics: To prevent blockages and bad odour in the suction system. Enables easy, regular cleaning of the suction hose, respectively the suction ways without splashes (integrated splash...

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