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The colposcope with a system ATMOS i View COLPO A new dimension of vision

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The ATMOS i View COLPO represents a new generation of microscopes. International experts confirm that we have met the needs of demanding surgeon.

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The best CEO Peter Greiser had the idea of revolutionising the world of microscopy. His development goal: a new dimension of vision. A microscope for specialists setting new standards in terms of usability and image quality. So Peter Greiser created a team of his best people and an optics expert from Wetzlar to make history. A story, which focuses on the "ATMOS i View COLPO". The „ATMOS i View COLPO“ is the result of this unique collaboration. It sets new standards and excels in terms of lighting, depth of focus and intuitive handling. ATMOS realizes, in this day and age modern diagnostic...

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The new dimension of Safety in detail Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Volkmar Küppers, Düsseldorf President of the Association for Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy e.V … The excellent optics combined with innovative features is what really convinced me..

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safe detailed vision We listened carefully During a surgical procedure a doctor can only go as far as his field of vision allows him to in the examination area. There are good microscopes on the market with many operation and documentation options. Yet many gynaecologists want a better microscope. A colposcope must be built "sparingly". It must be "unobtrusive" and must not hinder, stop or distract the physician. The sound of a fan can interfere with concentration. And the operation of the device should be as simple and intuitive as possible. Patient safety is paramount facilitates the...

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Brilliant performance in the practice A system for perfection Large exit pupil Perfect three-dimensional perception and comfortable, fatigue-free working. Eyepieces with other enlargements are available as an option . Safer Working The ATMOS i View COLPO has everything a top microscope needs nothing more. The development goal was to give doctors the best possible tool to use during procedures to allow a concentrated, trouble-free operation. ATMOS has achieved this with "slim design" optics, lighting and harmonious operation. Distracting features were deliberately omitted. Ergonomic Handles...

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Fanless cold light The LED lighting is integrated. Therefore the light always follows the viewing direction. Excellent illumination up to 120 klux. Realistic image using patented colour correction. No thermal stress to the patient's tissue, no annoying fan noise. Scale display Dimension scale in any magnification setting. Displayed on the 3D image and all camera images for precise documentation. HD camera Razor-sharp images in HD quality for patient documentation by the built-in Full-HD camera or external cameras with E-mount bayonet. Easy operation via buttons. Automatic white balance, no...

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Light into darkness The new Turbo LED Optimised lighting quality We used a single meaningful light source in the development: LED. ATMOS has been using LEDs for years. Integrated, confocal LED lighting is at the heart of our new development. We were able to draw on experience with our headlamps, our endoscopic light sources and our camera visualisation. LED lighting offers a number of advantages: the light is very bright but the patient's tissue is not thermally stressed. A specific method changes the colour temperature of the ATMOS i View COLPO, so that the tissue colours are reproduced...

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The instrument of the best Because it is about detail The new dimension of vision For the ATMOS i View COLPO, completely new optics were developed. The 24 mm stereo base provides brilliant space impression. The extra large exit pupil facilitates the adaptation of the human eye to the eyepiece and promises fatigue-free and concentrated work, even over long periods. The lenses are for working at a distance of 200 to 400 mm, optional fine focusing available.

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The magnification can be set at five levels from 2.6 to 16. The focus of the lens can be adjusted. The measurement of objects can be displayed to scale regardless of the selected magnification. The requirements of HD camera technology were consistently taken into account in the calculation of the optical system as were those of LED technology. The colposcope allows the adaptation of the latest-generation Sony digital cameras and thus the recording of digital images with optimum optical resolution. The perfect field of vision and fine detail are prerequisites for transmission to a video...

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The comprehensive carefree - package The practice is what matters The choice is yours Everything is possible, from simple diagnostics to complex surgery with laser-, high and radio frequency therapy. The ATMOS i View COLPO can be precisely adapted to individual needs. The numerous features make it a flexible allround-product for gynaecologists, its above-average and high-quality technology is pioneering.

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My i View COLPO Equipment options for even better vision Align the i View at your working distance. Lenses available in the focal lengths of 200, 250, 300, 400 mm. With the varifocal lenses 200-350 mm, it is easy to change from one procedure to another without having to make adjustments. Inclined binocular tube With the wide field eyepieces 10 x and 16 x you can also adjust your i View to suit your usual viewing habits. Software ATMOSoft Document your work in optimum quality. The optional integrated HD camera provides surgical images in full HD resolution. A single press on the panel is...

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Lens with fine focusing Variofocus 200 – 350 mm Internal / External HD Camera Mobile stand For varying tasks in different examination rooms, we recommend a floor stand on sturdy wheels with brakes. The microscope is quickly operational thanks to the ready-made sterile cover for the i View. The covers are sterilised and packaged in tear-open wrappers. Do you have any questions about the ATMOS i View COLPO or any special requests? At ATMOS you can contact competent professionals directly. Our team of consultants looks forward to speaking to you. 15

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