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ATMOS iQam The intelligent endoscopic camera for ENT

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ATMOS iQam – The intelligent endoscopic camera The intelligent endoscopic camera control and feedback element • Image or video recording at the touch of a finger • Power feedback via LED and vibration • HD videos and snapshots • Removable camera cable • Waterproof housing info ATMOS 360° diagnostics ATMOS iQam is part of the ATMOS 360° diagnostics suite. Find more detailed information on our connectable all-in-one solution in the accompanyin

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ATMOS – Exactly what I need automatic functions • Recognition of the connected endoscope type • Setting of the required image parameters endoscope mounting • One-handed operation • Quick endoscope change CMOS CMOS CHIP 360 HD 5MP CMOS HD HD HD CHIP PART OF 360 HD HD 5MP HD CMOS HD HD housing CHIP OF PART • High-quality materials 360 • Well-balanced shape HD HD HD 5MP CMOS HD HD • Fatigue-free use thanks to the angled design RECORDING RESOLUTION RECORDING RECORDING RESOLUTION RECORDING RECORDING INTERFACE ATMOS RECORDING RECORDING RECORDING INTERFACE RECORDING INTERFACE RECORDING INTERFACE...

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ATMOS iQam – The intelligent endoscopic camera ATMOS QuickLock Handling? Outstanding. High daily caseloads and a fast pace are characteristic of the ENT outpatient environment. Maximizing the quality of patient care and provider workflow efficiency requires tools that are effortless to handle and use. The new ATMOS iQam endoscopic camera quickly adapts to changing needs in order to facilitate comprehensive endoscopic examinations. An example of this is the innovative coupler connecting mechanism: ATMOS QuickLock. Quick Lock Click-on endoscope mounting

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ATMOS – Exactly what I need INNOVATIVE ENDOSCOPE MOUNTING From the outer ear and eardrum, to the nose and paranasal sinuses, to the pharynx and the vocal cords: the wide range of patient presentations in the ENT setting requires a variety of diagnostic evaluations, each having a specific endoscopic need. To enable users to connect the right endoscope to the camera quickly, the new ATMOS iQam has an innovative mounting system: ATMOS QuickLock. ATMOS QuickLock allows for easy, one-handed connection of the endoscope to the coupler, thus reducing equipment change and handling times to a...

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ATMOS iQam – The intelligent endoscopic camera ATMOS SmartAdjust Image adjustment? Fully automatic. Similar to modern photo cameras, endoscopic cameras also require different settings for optimal imaging. Typically, the user is required to manually identify and select these settings, which can be complicated and time-consuming. With the new ATMOS iQam, the user is assisted by ATMOS SmartAdjust, which automatically detects the type of endoscope connected and sets all relevant parameters, saving time and ensuring optimal image quality. AUTOMATIC FUNCTIONS The daily routine in the outpatient...

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ATMOS – Exactly what I need Smart Adjust › Automatic recognition of the connected endoscope › Automatic setting of the required image parameters Auto Auto Detect Zoom Auto Enhance Auto Auto Auto Auto Enhance Zoom Center Enhance SETTING THE IMAGE PARAMETERS All color, sharpness, contrast, and exposure settings stored in the profile are automatically adjusted by the AUTO ENHANCE function. No additional effort is required of the user: he or she can fully concentrate on the patient. Original | After correction Auto Center Auto Auto Detect CENTERING THE IMAGE In the event that the endoscope is...

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ATMOS iQam – The intelligent endoscopic camera ATMOS SensorUnit Snapshot and video recording —at the touch of a finger. Usually, images and video recordings are made using one or more buttons on the camera. However, these buttons can rarely be used intuitively and are sometimes confusing depending on the model. To make matters worse, the camera is not the only device whose operating logic the user has to remember. To remedy this, we redesigned the operating concept of the ATMOS iQam. The result is the ATMOS SensorUnit, a multisensory control that opens completely new working possibilities...

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ATMOS – Exactly what I need SIMPLE DOCUMENTATION The ATMOS iQam comes with the ATMOS Capture Suite Basic video software, with which the live image can be displayed and images or videos can be saved. For more extensive functions, the ATMOS iQam is compatible with all ATMOS Capture Suite products. ONE-HANDED SHIFT OF THE FOCAL PLANE The smooth-running focusing ring ATMOS FocalShift can be operated with one finger and allows the user to move the focal plane during the examination as needed. CONTROL AND FEEDBACK ELEMENT Thanks to the integrated motion sensor, the ATMOS SensorUnit allows you to...

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ATMOS iQam – The intelligent endoscopic camera ATMOS ComfortClean Reprocessing? Easy. Everything about the ATMOS iQam has been specially designed for daily use in ENT outpatient clinics. Its needs-oriented optics make the comprehensive and safe performance of common diagnostic tasks possible. And with regard to reprocessing, the ATMOS iQam scores with ATMOS ComfortClean. EASY AND SAFE CLEANING Not only the handling and storage but also the reprocessing of medical devices is regulated by law. This is where another special feature of the ATMOS iQam comes into play, which makes time-saving and...

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Errors and omissions excepted. Index: 01 2021-09 PR4US.150405.0 ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG Ludwig-Kegel-Str. 16 79853 Lenzkirch Germany Phone +49 (0)7653-689-0 Fax +49 (0)7653-689-190 E-Mail

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