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Radiofrequency surgery MAXIMUM PRECISION

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Radiofrequency surgery for: snore therapy, tonsilectomy, coagulation and further ENT treatments Radiofrequency technology in the ENT surgery Bipolar high frequency technology has been used in ENT medicine for many years to ensure that blood vessels are closed – during surgeries as well as in the ENT outpatients’ clinic (e.g. for epistaxis). Developments of new device features - in particular increased electric field frequency - provide new opportunities for treatment in the areas of throat, nose, pharynx and ear as a result of the precise cutting function. The electrodes are individually...

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RS 221 HNO - 3

Uvuloplasty / palatoplasty Bipolar Coag channel 3 Bipolar impulse coagulation automatic power-off Bipolar continuous coagulation Mono Coag channel 2 Impulse coagulation Recommended Recommended electrode form REF n.B. multi-tip, needle UPP special electrode 8-10 rigid special needle sek. electrode coated, multitip n.B. rigid special needle electrode coated 8-10 rigid needle electrodes sec. Lingual tonsils Tonsillectomy Continuous coagulation Mono Cut channel 1 Cutting with coagulation channel 3 Recommended setting ATMOS RS 221 Coagulation of the lingual tonsils Tightening of the soft palate...

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RS 221 HNO - 4

ATMOS® RS 221 ENT - Radiofrequency surgery Bipolar coagulation Safe hemostasis with bipolar tweezers (e.g. epistaxis). Neutral electrode The neutral electrode is used for monopolar cutting and coagulation. The rubber reinforced bandage ensures good skin contact and prevents burns. Ergonomic handles Optimal device parameters The ergonomically designed handles guarantee the safe use of the radiofrequency technology in the operating area. The handles are autoclavable at least 150 times at 134°C, in accordance with DIN 58946. The strength of the radiofrequency wave is individually adjustable,...

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RS 221 HNO - 5

Automatic mode / bipolar coagulation The automatic function guarantees a consistent quality of treatment during the bipolar volume reduction of nasal concha and hardening of the soft palate.

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RS 221 HNO - 6

ATMOS® RS 221 ENT ATMOS® RS 221 ENT with automatic switch off Radiofrequency device for cutting and coagulation in the ENT surgery Characteristics: 4 operating modes: cutting, coagulation cutting, monopolar coagulation (continuous- and impulse mode), bipolar coagulation (continuous-, impulse- and automatic mode). Option to select probe operation via probe handle or foot control possible. Memory-operation for storage of the last used data. Most of ATMOS electrode are reusable and 70 times autoclavable (see operating instructions). Included in delivery: ATMOS® RS 221 ENT accessories set...

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RS 221 HNO - 7

Neutralelektrode, 168 x 112 mm (185 cm²), cable length 0.5 m, autoclavable up to 134 °C (at least 75 x) Connecting cable for neutral electrode Rubber bandage for neutral electrode, L = 0.5 m Foot switch for grip without a release button, cable L = 2.5 m Bipolar cable, L = 2.5 m, autoclavable (at least 300 x) Bipolar tweezers, bayonett, L = 195 mm, With of the tip 1 mm, length of the tip 6 mm

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RS 221 HNO - 8

Consumables Consumables for ATMOS ® RS 221 ENT Self-adhesive disposable electrodes (50 pcs.) Size 104 x 215 mm (for adults) Included in delivery: 50 pcs. Cable for self-adhesive disposable electrode, length 3 m With plug for the ATMOS® RS 221 and clamp connection with twin bolt to the single-use neutral electrode, autoclavable Special electrode for Uvulopalatoplasty Teflon coated, for safe and gentle removal of the uvula and the soft palate. To be used for chronic snorers. Overall length: 100 mm Included in delivery: 1 pc. Cutting ENT needle electrode (extra long), #32 Flexible shaft, L =...

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RS 221 HNO - 10

Consumables Consumables for ATMOS® RS 221 ENT Cutting-electrode, round loop, Ø 13 mm, #43 Included in delivery: 2 pcs. Cutting-electrode, round loop, Ø 7 mm, #44 Included in delivery: 2 pcs. Cutting-electrode, rhombical, #45 Leg length 7 mm Included in delivery: 2 pcs. Cutting-electrode, triangle electrode, # 46 Leg length 7 mm Included in delivery: 2 pcs. Coagulation-electrode, thick needle-electrode, #47 Needle Ø = 1.5 mm, needle length 1.5 mm Included in delivery: 2 pcs. Coagulation-electrode, ball-shaped-electrode, Ø ball 2 mm, # 48 Included in delivery: 2 pcs. Electrode for the nasal...

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RS 221 HNO - 12

Ludwig-Kegel-Str. 16 79853 Lenzkirch / Germany Tel: +49 7653 689-374 ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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