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ATMOS® S 61 Servant ATMOS® S 61 CORIAN® Everything you need for the perfect workflow

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ATMOS® S 61 ENT workstations with added value More efficient Reduce your expenditure by reviewing our full range and selecting only the modules and devices you need for your work. Better ambience Make sure your patients feel comfortable during their visit with the right design for your treatment units.

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CONTENTS TREATMENT UNITS More individual Make the most of the space in your practice by configuring the individual modules in our treatment units to suit your situation and needs. NETWORK-COMPATIBLE SYSTEM Less strain Enjoy a more relaxed and efficient way of work: the positions of the individual control elements and the automatic device start-up and switch-over make using our equipment fast and easy. EQUIPMENT Treatment chairs Greater mobility Easily push the treatment chair to one side to create the space you need to move patients in hospital beds or wheelchairs. Instrument management...

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THE CLASSIC CHOICE FOR STANDARD REQUIREMENTS ATMOS® S 61 Servant Functionality and efficiency in perfect harmony Every ENT practice is different. Its modular design concept makes the ATMOS® S 61 Servant the right solution for any space – including yours. Configure the treatment unit to suit your individual requirements, space and processes – and enjoy the improved ergonomics, t

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ENT Workstation The heart of the unit and where all the important tools are kept: Suction unit Ear irrigation/thermal nystagmus stimulation Compressed air Economy lighting module Instrument management ENT Workstation + Vision Also contains the following ENT Workstation modules: Headlamp Endoscope management system ENT camera LED stroboscope Connections for additional light sources ENT Workstation + Vision + Instruments The comprehensive solution for instrument management: All ENT Workstation modules All Vision modules Instrument storage Instrument disposal Waste disposal

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THE ANSWER TO STRICTER HYGIENE REQUIREMENTS ATMOS® S 61 CORIAN® Unbeatable hygiene and design versatility While developing its new treatment units, ATMOS decided to give ENT doctors a solution that would make it easy for them to fulfil the hygiene requirements contained in the legal regulations on preventing infection. To this end, ATMOS included a special material in the design: CORIAN®. This ultra-robust material has a non-porous surface to guarantee maximum hygiene levels. The almost unlimited range of design options available make it perfect for even the most discerning customers. New...

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S 61 Servant - 7

Hygiene-optimised workflow In order to minimise the risk of cross-contamination, we have come up with an innovative instrument handling concept for our new treatment units. The system is based on strict separation of clean and used instruments: the doctor takes clean instruments out of the cabinet on one side then, once the treatment is complete, disposes of them in the cabinet on the other side. Glacier White Warm Grey Wide range of colour options Unlike stainless steel, CORIAN® creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere that will help your patients feel comfortable. Our treatment units are...

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S 61 Servant - 8

THE ALL-ROUND SOLUTION FOR ENT CLINICS AND PRACTICES ATMOS® 360° diagnostics Complete solution. Perfect workflow. ATMOS® 360° diagnostics is a comprehensive, modular, expandable range of network-compatible modules and devices that are easy to integrate into your existing clinic or practice structures. It guarantees comprehensive, reliable ENT diagnosis and enables you to optimise your workflow for greater efficiency. Lower costs The benefits for practice and clinic managers The modular structure of our solution allows users to choose from a wide range of diagnostics modules and pick the...

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S 61 Servant - 9

info Find more detailed information on our networkcapable all-in-one solution in our brochure ATMOS® 360° diagnostics The benefits for doctors and specialists ATMOS® 360° diagnostics gives ENT medical specialists a comprehensive range of functions that will enable them to perform all the examinations required for ENT diagnosis. Its sophisticated product features and intelligent functions speed up control processes and ensure that the diagnosis is completed without errors. Reliable diagnosis Greater efficiency The benefits for organisation and administration ATMOS® 360° diagnostics makes...

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S 61 Servant - 10

PATIENT CHAIRS, DOCTOR’S CHAIRS Treatment chairs Combining design, technology and comfort Your patient chair is the key element in your ENT treatment room. Make sure your patients feel safe and comfortable – with an ATMOS® Chair. Our chairs set new standards with their soft and extremely hard-wearing surface, while the matching doctor’s chair fulfils all the relevant safety requirements and can be adjusted easily to optimise doctor-patient positioning. info Find more information on our range of chairs in the brochure ATMOS® Chair Ergonomic doctor’s chairs Optimum conditions for an ergonomic...

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S 61 Servant - 11

Versatile patient chairs Built-in rollers for unbeatable mobility Entire chair can be moved with very little effort for flexible positioning – or even pushed out of the treatment room, if necessary Adjustable backrest provides easy access to the patient Infinitely variable between approx. 7° forward tilt and 90° shock position Arm rests can be folded individually, and move synchronously with the backrest Optimum positioning in just a few seconds Top section of chair can be rotated 360° and fixed in any position with the stop levers attached on both sides Electric height adjustment (max....

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S 61 Servant - 12

RINSING, SUCTION, SPRAYING ENT Workstation Versatility in tight spaces Cut your walking distances and enjoy a more convenient way of working: the ATMOS® S 61 workstation combines all the important treatment modules in compact space. They are all durable, low-maintenance and quiet, making your work easy and enjoyable. One of the highlights of our treatment unit: all the functions start up automatically when you pick up the handles. Medication sprayer Patented one-handed operation system prevents cross-contamination and makes sprayer changes easy Straight sprayer Sprayer with extendible...

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