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Driver Test Station - 1

Driver Test Station 2 A measuring tool for analysing a person’s physical driving ability.

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Driver Test Station - 2

Driver Test Station In keeping with Swedish traditions of safety, Autoadapt ­ 9001:2008, which ensures that all our procedures are is actively working to increase the safety of products scrupulously documented throughout the whole process, designed for car adaptation. We regard it as our mission from design to final inspection and testing. to offer disabled drivers and their passengers the same The DTS has been produced in association with a number of adaptation companies and organisations. This May 2009 we have our own test laboratory, Autoadapt association is extremely valuable and helps...

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Driver Test Station - 3

Driver Test Station Why a DTS? Test a driver’s strength, flexibility, behaviour and reaction time in a safe and calm environment. The DTS is not a simulator but a measuring tool for conducting this does not necessarily mean that the person being tested is qualified tests of a person’s physical driving ability. It is used unfit to drive a car. The challenge with vehicle adaptation lies in for testing basic functions such as steering, acceleration and finding a way of enabling a person to drive despite their physical braking in order to ensure the driver is able to drive a vehicle...

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Driver Test Station - 4

Driver Test Station Steering wheel Hand controls Height and resistance-adjustable allowing it to be adapted to each driver’s driving position and capacities. A correct driving position is a pre-requisite of a successful test. Steering wheel adapter for attachment of steering wheel spinner, which comes supplied. Choose from seven different models to optimise steering capacity at the wheel. Wheel and floor-mounted accelerator and brake controls. These are designed to give as realistic a driving experience as possible. The DTS is available in two versions, for right-hand and left-hand traffic....

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Driver Test Station - 5

Driver Test Station A 22” screen which provides the driver with a good overview and feel for the various tests. Specially adapted for those tests which require a degree of peripheral vision. Armrests which counteract static loads on the arms. Test both with and without an armrest to determine what the driver needs. Stand for laptop and steering wheel spinners Wheelchair anchoring system Stand for the operator’s computer and the wheel spinners, which come supplied. The positioning of the computer gives the operator a good view of the driver. Studying the driver while the test is in progress...

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Driver Test Station - 6

Driver Test Station Analysis in three modules Points are selected depending on the driver’s physical condition. Implement the tests when clear picture of what adaptation and car model will be ­ uitable. s son to perform to their best. Remember that factors like meals, The person trained by Autoadapt on a DTS can carry out tests sleep and medicines can affect the test result both negatively to assess a driver’s physical adaptation requirement. If the and positively. Study the driver while the test is in progress to assessment includes a driver’s physical ability, knowledge in the obtain more...

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Driver Test Station - 7

Driver Test Station Software Easy to use and understand. Our software, which is needed to use the DTS, comes free purpose and the software installed on an empty hard drive. The of charge and is easy to use and understand. To ensure stable software requires Windows XP or later version. operation of the DTS, a computer should be dedicated for the

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Driver Test Station - 8

Driver Test Station What our users say Comments from real life. I assess driving ability for people with physical and/or cognitive disabilites. I use the DTS daily and find it most useful for assessing clients’ reaction times, range of movement in upper limbs for steering and also for demonstrating some of the adaptations that are available to people. It is easy to use and a really valuable screening tool for our practical and on road driving assessments which provides us and the clients with instant feedback. – Yvette Bateman Senior Occupational Therapist, East Anglian DriveAbility Great...

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Driver Test Station - 9

Driver Test Station We are proud to be able to offer one of the best tools on the market for evaluating a driver’s abilities and optimising the requirements for a fully customised car. By measuring the driver’s ability to apply force, move their arms and legs and react quickly, we will have a considerably improved and more reliable basis on which to plan a car adaptation or a driving licence case. The evaluation is based on fact and the person tested can rest assured that the test is performed in an objective manner. – Lars-Åke Johansson Owner and CEO, Bilinredarna i Växjö AB Board member...

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Driver Test Station - 10

Driver Test Station Test report A source of knowledge and understanding. After the tests have been completed, a test report containing all the results is generated. This report is saved in two different formats. As a PDF, which presents the report in a visually straightfor- The alternative format, CSV, is suitable for importing informa- ward way and is suitable for printing on paper. The printed tion to different types of databases. This format is essential if report is a valuable basis for analysis and assessment when your intention is to collect, manage and sort values. adapting a vehicle...

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Driver Test Station - 11

Driver Test Station I DTS Ready for useEverything you need in one package. ON DELIVERY, You will find everything you need to launch and implement the various tests. The operator's computer is not included in the package. • Driver Test Station, equipped with - hand controls, Carospeed™ - Autoadapt 6-way base™ - car seat, Compact seat™ - two accelerator pedals and one brake pedal - wheelchair anchoring brackets, 2 pcs - stand for laptop and steering wheel spinners - steering wheel spinners, 7 pcs - steering wheel with adapter for spinner - screen, 22” widescreen • Wheels for outdoor...

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Driver Test Station - 12

Autoadapt’s mission is to be a leading global provider of safe vehicle adaptation solutions for persons with reduced or limited mobility. Unit 1, Windsor Industrial Estate Rupert Street Aston, Birmingham B7 4PR, UK Phone: +44 121 33 35 170 E-mail: The illustrations, descriptions and specifications contained in this brochure are based on up-to-date product information. Autoadapt cannot be held responsible for any errors and reserves the right to make changes to the contents without prior notice. © 2013 Autoadapt AB

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