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Autoadapt | How to comfortably and safely enter your vehicle seated in a wheelchair.

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we hope you’ll find this to be an uplifting experience The saFesT way for an adult person to travel in any car is seated in a car seat wearing a seat belt. We strongly believe that the first rule of vehicle adaptation is to never compromise the level of safety. With the proper protection it is possible to enjoy the ride seated in a wheelchair without compromising safety. Over 40 years ago Ralph Braun had the need to enter his vehicle seated in his tri­wheeler. He quickly realized he needed some sort of lift and since no solution was available at that time he had to invent one himself. Since...

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Platform lighting ensures visibility in low light operation and makes the user feel safer. Quick facts Millennium • A strong, solid lifting platform featuring both front and side entry • Unique roll stop. Powered by hydraulics and locked mechanically, providing additional safety •Illuminated platform • Bridging feature simplifies boarding from pavement •Durable hand-held control box •Rigid handrail for wheelchair users and standees •Rigid vertical mechanical In Board barrier for extra safety and bumper clearance •Designed for side or rear door installation •Cycle counter •EMC test...

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Wheelchair lifts does your parking situation … … allow you to be generous with space around your vehicle? spacious parking to wide parking spaces or don’t have to worry about someone blocking the back of your vehicle, just about any BraunAbility wheelchair lift is a good choice. We have platform lifts that suit many types of situations for example the extremely stable Millennium or the telescopic Century XT. A car of your own brings freedom. You don’t have to be dependent of others, you can visit friends whenever you want to and essentially mind yourself. – Håkan Thörnqvist, Sweden Quick...

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Free passage Wheelchair lifts Is your parking situation spacious … … but free passage and line of sight is important to you

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HAVING A FREE line of sight through the window improves the quality of the ride but it could just as well be a safety issue. Another thing to consider is free passage. Having the ability to “walk through” the lift in its stowed position could be a real timesaver if you have other passengers hopping on and off. The Vista Split does not only provide a clear view but it is also out of the way when not in use. The innovative trifolding platform Vangater stows in parallel to the vehicle’s door leaving plenty of room for both view and access. Quick facts Vista Split • A clear path for both...

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The best thing about my car adaptation is the sense of freedom to come and go as I please. All my daily chores become so much easier to do. - Katharine Oskarsson, Sweden Quick facts Swing-A-Way • Requires a minimal parking space. The deployed platform protrudes no more from the side of the vehicle than the fully opened front door •Does not obstruct normal use of door opening •Platform handrail provides added security for wheelchair user •EMC test approved • CE-marked

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Wheelchair lifts | Tight parking ... require you to parallel park Does your parking situation ... iN AN URBAN environment space is a luxury many can't afford. With a lift that protrudes no longer from the side of the vehicle than the open passenger door, tight parking situations and parallel parking or use tight parking spaces? is made possible. The lift that does all this is the Swing-A-Way.

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Wheelchair lifts additional products additional products to make the best out of your wheelchair lift wheeLchaIr restraInts The aUToadapT 6-way Base makes haVing a wheelChair in a vehicle, occupied or not means you must secure it before driving. Our Unwin wheelchair restraints come in a variety of different types from the four point tie downs to the Dock’N’Lock; all with the sole purpose of safely securing your mobility device. But remember if you travel seated in a wheelchair you must wear a real seat belt and have proper head and neck protection. it easier to transfer from a wheelchair to...

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autoadapt worldwide mobility solutions aUToadapT was FoUnded in 1996 and has since grown to one of the world’s leading manufac­ Since April 2014 Autoadapt is the sole owner of the UK based company Unwin Safety Systems. turers of car adaptation solutions for people with reduced or limited mobility. Today Autoadapt is Being a pioneer in safety Unwin has become one of the worlds leading suppliers of wheelchair represented in over 50 countries worldwide, with more than 300 trained Autoadapt dealers plus tie­down and occupant restraint systems. Together with our part­owners BraunAbility and...

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our Areas of expertise At Autoadapt we help many take for granted; drive to work, pop down to the shops, drop in on friends or go on a great driving holiday. It is with great pride we design and manufacture solutions that ­ eople p from all over the world put their trust in every day. To help you find the solution to suit your needs, simply look at the corresponding area of expertise. You are currently reading our brochure on Wheelchair lifts. For a quick look at our other areas of expertise, please see below. getting seated independent driving Wheelchair restraints Using foot pedals to...

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The wheelchair e ­ nables me to walk, the car enables me to run. – Mona Nordell, Independent driver. Autoadapt is the proud supplier of independence to drivers and passengers all over the world. See their stories at: autoadapt.c

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Autoadapt AB Autoadapt UK Ltd Åkerivägen 7 S-443 61 Stenkullen Sweden Phone: +46 302 254 00 E-mail: info@autoadapt.com Unit 1, Windsor Industrial Estate Rupert Street Aston, Birmingham B7 4PR, UK Phone: +44 121 33 35 170 E-mail: info@autoadapt.com Illustrations, descriptions and specifications in this brochure are based on current product information. Autoadapt reserves the right for alterations without previous notice. © 2014  Autoadapt AB www.autoadapt.com facebook.com/autoadapt twitter.com/autoada

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