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Delta T Stage Adapters and Accessories Controller and Dish Accessories Colored Display Mode Selection Red = Setpoint Amber = Stage Green = Setpoint Orange = Heated Lid Blue = Imaging Red = Heat Shock TTL Port Communicates with Acquisition Host Automatically Changing Operating Modes from Dynamic to Imaging and Back During Imaging Alarm Led Alarm Reset Button Controller Power Plug Analog Temperature Output V = Temp/10 Remote Setpoint Input V = Temp/10 Heated Lid Power Supply Hinged Perfusion Adapter Hinged Perfusion Adapter The Bioptechs Hinged Perfusion Adapter provides Delta T users with a convenient and inexpensive method of supporting perfusion needles in the culture dish. The typical application is to maintain low-volume perfusion over cells during long term-experiments. Perfusion adapters are sold in pairs. One hinge and needle is a supply, the other is a drain. The balance between supply and drain can be maintained continuously with the use of the Micro Perfusion Pump. Additional supports can be added to hold gas jets, pH probes, cooling apparatus, or other items which do not require critical positioning. Perfusable Coverglass Lid The Coverglass Lid is a cover for the Delta T Culture Dish to be used when imaging to create an optical surface onto the liquid in the dish. This eliminates the optical effect of fluid motion at the air to liquid surface above the cells that causes the contrast of the image to change. Therefore, when acquiring a series of images in a transmitted light, contrast enhancing mode of microscopy, all images will have a uniform contrast. Forming an optically flattened glass to media surface on the top of the cells eliminates this problem. The Coverglass Lid fits loosely on the Delta T Culture Dish and supports a 1 mm x 22 mm coverglass in the center of the field 3mm above the specimen. The Coverglass Lid is reusable and helps the Delta T bridge the gap between an open dish and a closed

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system environment. The Coverglass Lid is made of 304 stainless steel, autoclaveable, and available with or without perfusion. This item and/ or the Heating Culture Dish Cover are nearly essential for multi-user facilities. Heated Lid The Bioptechs Delta T Heated Lid is a device which will provide a condensate free optical surface on the top of a Delta T Dish through which specimens can be perfused and trans-illuminated on an inverted microscope. It is reusable and powered by a 2.5 volt source from either a battery or the optional auxiliary power supply in the Delta T Controller. A CO2 port...

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Bioptechs Delta T Stage Adapters The Bioptechs Delta T Stage adapter reads the temperature of the Delta T Dishes, provides electrical contacts to power the dishes and supports the dish on the stage for translation. All Delta T systems require a Stage Adapter. These pictures are provided to assist in selecting a stage adapter appropriate for your microscope. Stage Adapters Delta T Ordering Information U.S./Canada prices shown. International prices add 15%. Email or visit web store for latest prices. 800.998.MATE | | 812 Page Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 USA tel 510.845.6283 |...

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