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“The EasyCode software you provided is simple to use. We use a large screen Macintosh for creating and storing protocols. We especially like the ability to create new protocols and download them directly to the ValveBank, it really couldn't be easier.” Dr. Susan Abrahamson University of California, Berkeley Expand C he computing power of tour ValveBank cystem. EasyCode Dialog Box Free your computer during experiments Transfer and run programs stored in the ValveBank, which can be disconnected from the computer - leaving it available for data acquisition. EasyCode® Software Program your ValveBank® with a Macintosh or PC using easy "click-and-drag" time bars. Save and load unlimited programs to disk, print out program listings, then download your sequences into the ValveBank's memory with the included serial cable in one simple step. • Program up to sixteen channels of valves and digital outputs Open multiple experiment windows. List sequences to screen or printer. Copy and paste. Zoom in and out of your experiment. EasyCode Software Ordering Information AutoMate Scientific* READY FOR RESEARCH.™ U.S./Canada prices shown. International prices add 15%. Email or visit web store for latest prices. 800.998.MATE | www.autom8.com | 812 Page Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 USA tel 510.845.6283 | fax 510.280.3795 | e-mail info@autom8.com

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