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Pencil Tip Cross Section 4 to 16 micro-bore tubes into 1 outflow 360 Micron Removable Tip Flow rates (±0.05): Gravity 1.15 ml/min 250 Micron Removable Tip Gravity .35 ml/min Perfusion Pencil® Multi-Barrel Manifold Tip • Rapid solution change with micro-liter dead volume No piezo or stepper motor translation. No clumsy rotating valves. • Single-cell and patch delivery For mounting on any micromanipulator. Easy to connect and clean. • Vacuum cross-contamination prevention Use one tube to vacuum the tip volume clear between solution changes. 100 Micron Removable Tip Flow rates: Gravity zero flow 100, 250 and 360 micron internal diameter removable delivery tips available Perfusion Pencil® Ordering Information Part No. All tubing now PTFE lined U.S./Canada prices shown. International prices add 15%. Email or visit web store for latest prices. 800.998.MATE | | 812 Page Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 USA tel 510.845.6283 | fax 510.280.3795 | e-mail AutoMate Scientific5 READY FOR RESEARCH.™

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