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Stability a nd full features at a areat arice. o 00 00 Manual Base Mount Micromanipulators J27 • Four-axis control with soft touch knobs on all models shown • Five or ten micron accuracy • Combine with a Perfusion Pencil® for focal drug application The AutoMate Scientific Perfusion Pencil makes a perfect companion to these four-axis micromanipulators. Mount the Perfusion Pencil for micron accurate drug delivery and rapid rotational change-out. The small SD-10 manipulator offers 5 pm resolution. Its compact size makes it ideal for stimulator applications. The SD-130 manipulator is designed to maximize available space. Its narrow profile allows several manipulators to be placed in one quadrant. With a long 22 mm (0.86 inches) of travel on its probe axis and X axis, the SD-160 is ideal for axial cell probing. It includes an adapter mounted to the 0 axis with a rotational stop for convenient electrode/pipette replacement.

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The SD-130 Manipulator is designed to maximize available space. The narrow profile design allows multiple manipulators to be placed in one quadrant. The SD-130 provides 38 mm coarse and 5 mm fine positioning travel in the X axis. Two-and-a-half turns of the coarse adjustment knob will fully retract the device in the X axis. The assembly is fitted with an MXC-45 probe clamp for easy changing of electrodes or other implements. Y and Z axis adjustments are accomplished with the fine adjustment screws mounted on the back of the device. Additionally the Z axis adjustment screw may be configured...

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AutoMate Scientific* READY FOR RESEARCH.™ SD-10 Miniature Micromanipulator The SD-10 is a miniature micromanipulator ideal for positioning applications requiring micron-level resolution. DT100 series stages use a precision-rolled 80 TPI lead screw for smooth positioning along their entire travel. The miniature dovetail slide uses an adjustable spring-loaded gib design. This feature ensures stability, straightness of travel and also works as a locking mechanism. The device is equipped with a fourth axis which can be set at any angle through 360° of motion. The compact size of the SD-10 makes...

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Siskiyou Motorized & Hydraulic Manipulators Siskiyou manipulators are well-known for their reliable performance in electrophysiology recording and stimulation. Motorized manipulators are available with push-button, joystick, dial and computer controllers for single or multiple manipulators. Headstage and electrode mounts are available for major amplifier brands. Features • 1.7 mm/second rapid positioning • Axial approach on 4th axis • Repeating probe holder Performance Specifications • Maximum load 2 lbs • Travel / axis 0.80 inch (20 mm) • Minimum controllable motion 0.1 pm • Backlash < 5...

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motor encoder. The closed loop connection ensures 0.2 pm and 0.1 pm resolution, respectively. MX7600 series stages come standard with our ABP-R mounting plate. The design of this mounting plate enables coarse positioning between platform mounting holes as well as 360° of coarse rotational positioning. If rotation with a solid submicron level stop is required, the MX-RS rotation stage is designed to mount directly into the ABP-R and has mounting holes to attach to the base of the MX7600. Push-Button Controller The MCl000e is a simple push-button controller with submicron positioning...

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The MC1000e-J joystick controller is designed for coarse micron level positioning of our 800 and 7000 series actuators, manipulators, and stages. The joystick control is proportional from slow to high through the travel range of the joystick motion. A two-position rocker switch is conveniently located on the top of the controller. The rapid setting is set to maximize speed (1.7 mm/second) when the joystick is moved to its farthest position from center. The slow setting is set to maximize resolution (0.2 μm, 30 μm/second). Polarity switches on the junction box allow the joystick motion to be...

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SISKIYOU Manipulators Hydraulic, Integrated Base Mount Micromanipulators Smooth motion and instant response to hand adjustments makes the MX6600 ideal for long term intracellular recordings. The water based hydraulic mechanism has a thermal expansion two to three times less than that of oil based systems, thus minimizing drift to less than 2 μm per hour at constant temperatures. Features • Water based hydraulic system • Less than 2 μm drift / hour • Ideal for intracellular recording Performance Specifications • Travel / axis: Total 0.80 inch (20 mm) Fine 0.2 inch (5 mm) • Minimum...

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