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Ten f imes faster, new protection, i nputs, and event marker in a f mailer box. ”Our lab has been using ValveLink controllers for years with good, reliable results. The new ValveLink8.2 is even smaller and faster than its predecessor. It also looks cool ^ and the buttons feel nicer q than the previous version. I use it manually or programmed q by outputs from my stimulator. j— I haven t observed any noise from the valve system on my electrophysiology rig.” ValveLink8.2® Controller • ValveGuard™ technology detects bad valves Prevent damage to your ValveLink8.2® and easily observe problem valves. • Run experiments automatically - even unattended By running experiments automatically, AutoMate Scientific systems will leave you free to accomplish other tasks - saving you both time and money. • Microprocessor-based for accuracy and flexibility Our low-cost ValveLink8.2 controller has powerful perfusion commands and capabilities not offered by competing valve drivers: open single or multiple valves, master channel for control/buffer solution, computer control. • Low noise & low voltage valve control Designed for electrophysiology. CE marked for Europe. • Manual, TTL (digital), analog, and USB inputs Control valves manually (by pushbutton) or by computer - simultaneously thanks to the microprocessor design. Optional spill sensor protects your equipment when a leak is detected. Hillel Adesnik, Ph.D. Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology University of California, San Francisco

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ValveBank® Controller - 2

• Or control 16 valves with only four digital outputs Additional Features • One analog input can control eight valves • Analog event marker allows you to record all valve activity • An optional spill sensor stops all valves when a leak is detected to protect your microscope and table. All LEDs blink until you press a button to continue. Free ValveLink PC Software AutoMate Scientific* READY FOR RESEARCH.™ ValveLink8.2s can switch 12V DC solenoid valves open and closed in one millisecond using full power, then hold-in at 1/2 power to prevent thermal transfer to your solutions. Low noise...

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