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AVASPEC starLINE Affordable Performance Instruments Get in touch with our brilliant side

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AvaSpec StarLine The AvaSpec StarLine family of instruments are high performance spectrometers which exceed the demands of most general spectro­ scopy applications. The StarLine includes high speed instruments for process control (AvaSpec-128 and AvaSpec fast-series), high resolution instruments for demanding measurements like atomic emission (AvaSpec 3648) and versatile instruments for common applications such as irradiance and absorbance chemistry (AvaSpec-2048 & Avaspec­ 048L). This instrument line offers an array of solutions for 2 varied uses, while providing excellent...

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AvaSpec StarLine Instruments Standard Features (USB2): Premium Options: Digital & Analog I/O ports Ultra Low Stray Light (ULS) optical bench Dual and Multi-channel (4 & 10-channel) housings On board spectral storage to RAM Wireless communication AvaSoft Basic software Optional installed SDCard Ultrafast integration time – 0.07 ms (8000 spectra/sec) 1 28 pixel photo diode array I deal for process control I deal for general spectroscopy, irradiance F ast integration time (10 µs with electronic shutter) High resolution (up to 0.04 nm FWHM) I deal for general spectroscopy, irradiance I deal for...

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AvaSpec StarLine Specification Optical bench Wavelength Range Symmetrical Czerny-Turner, 45 mm focal length AvaSpecFAST Series Symmetrical Czerny-Turner, 75 mm focal length Resolution (Slit & Grating dependent) Stray Light Standard (Grating dependent) Signal/Noise Integration Time Minimum AD Converter Premium Options Photo diode array, 128 pixels 55.5X63.5 um CCD linear array, 2048 pixels 14X56 um CCD linear array, 3648 pixels 8X200 um CCD linear array, 2048 pixels 14X200 um CCD linear array, 350, 950, 1350 or 1650 pixels 14X56 um Wireless Communication, dual channel or multichannel...

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