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Avantes, the leading OEM spectroscopy manufacturer and designer, is the choice for high quality and high repeatability spectroscopy solutions for low and high volume customers. We take pride in collaborating with our customers to supply the right solution, on time. Whether you need a custom configured optical bench or a specialized fiber optic probe, we have the experience and dedication to make it happen. While custom is no problem you may also choose one of our modular and highly configurable OEM options. Our partnership approach to working with OEMs is at the core of our success and...

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AvaBench Optical Benches The AvaBench line of optical benches offers a robust selec- tion of designs and configurations to meet the form factor and technical specifications for each application. Now available in five configurations with 17 standard detector options, the AvaBench is configurable to meet your needs. Independent optics & electronics offer greater flexibility and modularity. All instruments are available as enclosed instruments or OEM modules. Our innovative ultra-low stray light (ULS) optical bench­ provides superior stray light rejection in a design which has superb thermal...

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Avantes is known for our consistency in delivered products; every spectrometer, light source and fiber optic assembly is inspected thoroughly before leaving our facilities, to be sure they meet our internal specifications and yours. In our spectrometers, we offer a wide range of detectors: from the 128 pixel ultrafast photo-diode array up to the 3648 pixel high resolution CCD linear array. For measurements in the NIR range, we offer detection up to 2500 nm. For high sensitivity our uncooled and cooled and back-thinned detectors are available. Avantes features an impressive line-up of cooled...

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Avantes spectrometers S light sources are available in 19" rackmountable enclosures Design of a new optical bench To fully utilize the vast possibilities of Avantes' spectrometer systems, our sales engineers work closely together with you to fulfill your every need. Our state of the art design center then creates the tailor made solution you need. After extensive testing, a prototype is made. Only when this perfectly aligns your needs, we start production. According to specifications, every single time Every spectrometer leaving our premises, undergoes thorough testing before it ships....

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The fiber you need The use of fiber-optics as light guidance allows a great modularity and flexibility in the setup of an optical measurement system. For high quality fiber-optics, as used in spectroscopic applications, synthetic fused silica (amorphous silicon dioxide) is used as fiber core, that can be intentionally doped with trace elements to adjust the optical properties of the glass. Exclusively available at Avantes is the broadband fiber, offering the ideal combination of UV/VIS and VIS/NIR fibers. Comparison between fiber core options Custom designed fibers and probes For some...

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Embedded systems Avantes spectrometers can be used stand-alone when the microprocessor is loaded with application specific standalone firmware. Avantes’ dedicated software engineers work closely together with you to write the firmware according to your wishes. This includes defining a wide range of measurements, calculations and thresholds to easily implement the spectrometer system into your application. On board calculation capacity of the AS5216 or AS7010 can convert spectral data into a calculated subset of numbers or one number. The resulting calculated numbers that can then be...

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Agriculture/Environmental > Intelligent fertilizer application systems > Remote sensing fire detection systems Chemical/Petrochemical > In situ fluorescence detection systems for adhesive curing > Spectral analyzers for motor oil contamination Fruit sorting > Vehicle emission monitoring systems > Protein/moisture content analyzers for food/beverage Lighting > Integrated LED characterization systems > Inline/in process LED characterization systems Medical/Biomedical > Blood parameter analyzers > Non-invasive tissue reflectance analyzers Mining/Metallurgy > Laser induced breakdown...

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